How To Fall Asleep Fast-Hidden Secrets of A Recovering Insomniac!

How To Fall Asleep Fast-Hidden Secrets of A Recovering Insomniac!

how to fall asleep fast

Are you having trouble falling asleep every night? Wondering how to fall asleep fast without having to count the sheeps all night? I have been there- and the truth is, it is not funny at all-but, but I finally discovered the secret!

In this post, I will be sharing the secrets to help you fall asleep faster naturally, so you do not have to worry about nighttime again.

To begin with, there is an extensive post on how to cure insomnia permanently, you can check it out here.

How To Fall Asleep Fast: Understand The Root Cause.

The first step to discovering how to fall asleep fast is to first understand and Pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

So, the question becomes; why am I having difficulty falling asleep all night? or why am I not falling asleep faster?

Let’s dig deeper. Take a journal and try to remember when you started having difficulty falling asleep at night.

When did you notice your difficulty falling asleep? What happened then or is happening around you now?

Here is the secret nobody is talking about: Psychological and emotional stressors put your body in a ‘stress-mode-aka flight-fight mode.

Psychological & Emotional Triggers Keep Us Awake!

how to fall asleep fast

I understand this may sound strange, especially if you are in a haste to discover how to fall asleep fast. But, the truth is, that our bodies and minds perceive and evaluate our environments to ensure we are in safety.

Once our mind perceives trouble or danger, it sends a signal to the brain to release stress hormones. These hormones keep us awake (on our toes) in other not to be swallowed up by the dangers.

It doesn’t even matter if the ‘dangers’ are perceived, real or emotional.

Here are some of the perceived dangers that keep you awake and thinking all night;

When you have bills stacked up and not enough funds to pay the bills- your body gets the message. (Danger)!

Have a boss that yells at you or makes you feel stupid at work. Danger!

Got too many chores or work to do but not enough time to finish it? Your body gets it.

When your partner or spouse ceases to agree with you and you argue every day. Suddenly you or a kid finds it difficult to fall asleep. This is your body communicating the ‘dangers’ it feels around you.

Spend or spent too many hours on the screen? You probably have confused your natural clock aka circadian rhythm.

Consume a lot of fearful (terror) movies especially when you were very little? Danger!

Insomnia is A Good Thing, My Friend!

how to fall asleep fast

If you get this simple truth you will never worry about how to fall asleep fast for the rest of your life. Insomnia is a symptom of an underlying problem- emotional or psychological-not the main problem itself.

Your body is only trying to save you from impending danger or death! It may not sound like what you want to hear but, stay with me while we get to the heart of the matter.

Quit your fears. I want you to hug yourself tightly and thank your body for keeping you safe and awake during the dangers.

Step 1 How To Fall Asleep Fast; Knowledge Heals

The healing begins when you understand why you can’t fall asleep. How to fall asleep fast becomes easy once you know the root cause of your problem.

The truth liberates. Hence healing comes from knowledge.

So, the first step to sleeping better is understanding and appreciating your body for its safety measures.

Step 2- Learn Emotional & Stress Mastery

how to fall asleep fast

Emotional and stress mastery courses are not taught in our classrooms. Little wonder, more and more people are wondering how to fall asleep faster at night.

Nobody taught you how to forgive. Right? Oh!, You never knew how important it was to your bedtime right?

Emotional Mastery 1: Let Go Of Anger, Forgive More!

how to fall asleep fast

Master your Anger and Forgive others frequently and easily. Why should I forgive?

Because, my friend, your sleep is disturbed! Your mind perceives your anger, it hears your grudges, it feels your pain. Besides, you are also without fault! We are all humans, you offend others too!

Listen; simply decide to let go of offenses as they come.

Can’t forgive? Alright, here is another technique to help you do that.

Emotional Mastery 2: Begin A Meditation Practice

how to fall asleep fast
Young African American man sitting with his legs crossed and eyes closed on his bed during a meditation session

This is a brainer. I suddenly realized how easy it was for me to fall asleep after a few days of practicing gratitude meditation.

I gave a detailed explanation of my meditation practice in this post.

Why does meditation work? Because it helps you master your emotions.

Meditation Technique For Self Mastery

How does it work and how will this help you fall asleep faster?

  1. Set aside 20mins every morning (the first thing you do as soon as you wake up). And 20 mins every night (the last thing before you go to bed).

2. Take cool breaths. Breathe in through your nose, and breathe out via your mouth, making a whoosh sound. Do this 4 times.

3. Scan Your Body: One of the reasons you find it difficult to sleep is because your mind wanders a lot of the time. To retrain your mind, you simply have to practice guiding your thoughts in specific directions.

So, you begin by taking your awareness to your head. Focus on the center of your head, then move to your eyes, nose, ears, check, mouths, etc. Then your neck. notice any sensation or feeling.

You might wander off severely at the beginning but with time, you will gain more control of your mind and keep it focused.

This technique trains your mind to learn to focus.

4. Gratitude heals: Think about your day and recognize the beautiful things that happened during the day. What made you happy during the day? How about your past victories? Try to recollect your successes and wins in the past.

5. Forgive: Think about your life, and your past mistakes-Understand that you are a human; humans make mistakes. Choose to forgive yourself because you are, after all, a human.

Recall any shame or guilt? mention your name and say; ‘I forgive you for (mention the offense), then let it go. *Continue this until you no longer feel shame or pain about the incident.

Also, do this for those that have offended you until the pain ceases.

6. Visualization: Take your mind to the future. What are your present challenges?

Picture a scenario, where you just got your desires met. and give thanks as though your prayers are already answered.

This heals your anxiety and puts you in a state of peace and rest.

Step 4- Forget About The Clock!

how to fall asleep fast

One of the challenges of people who suffer from sleep difficulty is clock-checking. You worry too much about not sleeping. This attitude will drive sleep farther from you.

To discover how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep, one of the secrets is putting away your phones, clock, or alarms. I have a simple rule for you: Stop checking your time in the middle of the night, and stop calculating the number of hours slept.

Just forget about your time and sleep!

Step 5- How To fall Asleep Fast? Get Off Your Screen & Social Media

 how to fall asleep faster

Searching for how to fall asleep fast? You shouldn’t ignore this rule.

Get off social media-except for work purposes. I suggest you go on social media and screen time fast-literarily!

Especially in the evenings before bedtime.

Here is why. Most people who suffer from insomnia are usually not emotionally or psychologically balanced. By that I mean, they are too emotional; they cry or become fearful easily. Little issues get to our core.

Now, a scene in a movie or a post from a friend on Facebook could be disturbing to your mind- thereby making you wonder for hours on your bed.

A simple piece of advice you can’t get anywhere is; to journal your sleep difficulties. Become conscious of things that keep you awake and avoid them.

Step6-Food Helps

how to fall asleep fast

I discovered this in one of those months I suffered from insomnia. Whenever I eat a healthy meal (one that I love or enjoy), I easily fall asleep faster.

An empty stomach or eating something you do not like can psychologically keep you awake. So, try snacking before bed time-but do not make it a habit. It helps a lot.

Final Thoughts on How To Fall Asleep faster

I aim to help you discover how to fall asleep fast naturally by dealing with the root cause of the problem. I am sure I haven’t disappointed you that much via this content.

I practice to date everything written on this post. The secret to a lasting result is turning them into a habit.

I hope you do have a great sleep tonight.

Love & Peace.

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