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Hi, My name is Joy and I am the lead creator and Founder of

As you may already know, having a High level of  Mental, Social and Emotional Intelligence helps you find Happiness, Peace of Mind, Contentment, genuine human connections, freedom  and the ability to achieve your dreams. Those who lack these life skills struggle to actualize their potential. 

My Mission at betterYouinfo, is to help you develop the capacity to fully actualize your potential as a human being and live truly happy and fulfilled.

If you find yourself struggling through life, Seeking meaning, overwhelmed by depression, addiction, anxious and seeking healing and Happiness, wondering how to get your Finances stable, Dealing with certain behavior like anger, fear, un-forgiveness, lost in your Relationships and seeking ways to improving your social life, Better you Info, was created – To empower you (Your staff, your kids, our world) with the exact knowledge you need to regain your power and achieve inner peace and freedom that comes from being a BETTER YOU!

With our message we can transform one person at a time and build a world of Love!

To A Better You!

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We love you.