How to Cure Insomnia Permanently

How to Cure Insomnia Permanently

Are you are wondering how to cure Insomnia permanently? If you have ever stayed up for days when every fiber in you needs to sleep but you can’t, I feel your pain.

I have been there. Nothing but ‘words’ cured mine.

In this post, you will learn how to cure insomnia permanently by healing your overworked or ‘stressed’ nervous system.

Insomnia is the inability to fall or stay asleep when you want.

1. How to Cure Insomnia Permanently: The Real problem

how to cure insomnia permanently.

You will discover that curing insomnia permanently is so easy once you- understand how your mind works.

And once you understand the real or root cause of the problem.

More than 90% of the time the problem is with our minds.  Our minds simply perceive a threat based on the events in our life.

Please I need you to get this, so pay full attention here.

Your insomnia may not have much to do with your nutrition or physical ailment.

It could just be completely what is going on around you.

Close observation and you may realize that It could be how you are interpreting the events in your life.

This is the reason supplements and physical drugs will hardly help you completely cure your insomnia.

How To Cure Insomnia Permanently: The problem is mostly emotional and mental.

how to cure insomnia permanently

It could be that you are in an abusive and unfriendly relationship/marriage.

Your brain and nervous system are very sensitive.

It might be perceiving your immediate environment as threatening-especially if your relationships are not working out fine.

For example, if you are in an unfriendly environment, where you feel unloved and uncomfortable, over time, your mind might perceive that you are in ‘danger’ and to save you from that danger, it simply keeps you awake.

My Insomnia Journey

My Insomnia started a few months into my first pregnancy. it became difficult for me to fall asleep.

I began to complain and look for how to cure my Insomnia permanently.

When I did regression therapy (a critical look back at my life), I saw when the problem started.

Some years back, I had witnessed a woman I know very well, die during childbirth.

I took the news kind of lightly, at the time. However my mind took a snapshot of the event, and ‘pregnancy’ registered as something scary within my subconscious mind.

A few years later, I am married and I couldn’t conceive easily.

After a year I finally took in, and when I did, I noticed my sleep gradually left me. This is because each time I think of pregnancy, I get scared.

This was happening without my knowledge because I had completely forgotten the incident.

My internal communication at that time about pregnancy was too scary for my subconscious (intuitive) mind.

It simply tried to ‘save’ me from the ‘impending danger’ which is just perceptional.

The second cause of my Insomnia was Emotional stress:

how to cure insomnia

If you follow this post closely, you will discover how to cure insomnia permanently without even taking any medication.

By making some changes in your life and the way you handle life events you can cure your insomnia.

Two years into our marriage, my relationship began to fall apart.

We moved to a bigger apartment, and some relatives came to live with us. We moved from managing just the two of us, to managing four persons.

They were my husband’s relations, so I wasn’t used to them.

My mind could have perceived their ‘interference’ as a threat and of course.

We had issues in the home as a result of the extra people in our home.

I gradually was losing it.

I was always in constant argument with my husband and Issues within the home just kept compounding and being tensed.

Of course, my mind couldn’t help but try as it could to ‘save’ me from the perceived dangers.

I not only began to lose my sleep, but I also began to lose my health. Most times, I would cry before going to bed, and I found it difficult to simply forgive my partner.

So, you see, my mind had taken a permanent snapshot of ‘the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth. Plus, I was in an ‘uncomfortable and unloving’ environment.

An environment that my mind perceived as a threat to my existence.

So, that takes us to step two on how to cure Insomnia permanently.

2. How To Cure Insomnia Permanently: Insomnia is a Good thing-You would have been Dead without it.

how to cure insomnia permanently

You should have to thank insomnia (the physical symptom of your mental or emotional problem).

Be grateful that your body is intelligently designed for survival.

It is because of this survival mechanism of your mind that you are still alive today. If you were not built for survival, you wouldn’t be here right now learning how to cure your insomnia permanently.

If your body was not designed intelligently, you would have been dead by now.

You put your life in a state of ‘risk’ by being in an ‘uncomfortable’ emotional space, (as perceived by your brain),.

You might as well sleep and never wake up if you didn’t have an intelligently designed body.

Insomnia or any other ailment (eg High blood pressure) is just a physical symptom of emotional or mental distress.

Please, do not be confused or get scared because of the word ‘mental issue’.

I used to be ‘scared’ of the word ‘mental issue’. It made me think of ‘madness’ or something seriously wrong with my gene.

Please that is not the case. Take the case of my mind taking a snapshot of that traumatic event-The lady, who happened to die during childbirth.

(That is a traumatic event to my mind).

That is a mental issue unresolved.

how to cure insomnia permanently

My simple mind could not understand why such a good woman would die at childbirth.

I hadn’t much information about after-life experiences. (Now I do, and I will be writing about it in my subsequent posts-it’s pleasing anyways).

So, like I was saying, my mind then-being a young girl, is still ‘growing up.

I had a certain way of perceiving the world. My perception of the world was-that life is good and beautiful and bad things shouldn’t happen to good people.

You can then imagine, the trauma, I ‘unconsciously’ went through, when I learned that that woman couldn’t make it during childbirth.

It completely broke my heart and left my mind in a state of ‘unresolved fear’.

So, yes, a mental issue, could be a life event that left you fearful and has been unresolved and ongoing for years in your life.

Fear, is a mental health issue a lot of people are suffering from today.

Everything might seem fine on the outside until you get into a more unpleasant and unplanned circumstance.

For example, a job with an unfriendly boss. A marital relationship goes soar etc.,

A physical ailment such as insomnia or high blood pressure or elevated sugar level might just manifest without you having the slightest idea of the real cause.

This physical ailment (Insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc) is just a way your body is gently trying to communicate that you have an unresolved (mental issue-SHOCK OR FEAR) in your mind.

I bet you on this:

You will cure your insomnia permanently without ever taking another drug. Once you learn how to resolve that fear, shock, or emotional issues going on in your life.

And that is what this post will be showing you. You will learn how to cure insomnia permanently without taking sleeping pills.

3. You do not need Sleeping Pills for Insomnia-you simply have to change your Mind (resolve the fear).

how to cure insomnia

I know it is true that you can cure insomnia permanently without using any of these things. I have experienced it myself.

In case you have not fully grasped what I have been doing to you all this while.

This post is written strategically to ‘change your mind about your insomnia.

I want to show you, that by simply changing your mindset (resolving the hidden fears in your life) you will be able to let go of the fear, shock, and trauma, in your life. And in so doing, cure insomnia permanently.

To change your mind means, to resolve the mental issues (fears locking beneath the background) in your life.

Stop seeing Insomnia as the problem.

Insomnia is your ‘savior’. It’s just a way your body is communicating the fear in the background.

You will stop needing medication. Stop getting scared of your bed (nighttime is one of the most tedious times for people with insomnia).

Stop checking how many hours you slept today or a day before, and start having a conversation with your mind. Begin to have a different explanation for the events that left you fearful.

If I had interpreted the woman’s death (in a lighter way).

If I had a good understanding of after-life experiences, I would have known that she is in a better place

. My mind would not have captured childbirth/pregnancy as something dangerous’.

4. You do not have to be Scared of your Bed or Night time Anymore-Fear is a Good Thing.

how to cure insomnia permanently
In the 1950s 1960s MAN IN BED AWAKE LOOKING DISTRESSED INSOMNIAC WORRIED PRINT PAJAMAS (Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

All I have been doing with this content is to help you learn how to cure insomnia permanently. How? By simply ‘changing your mind from a fearful state, to a state of rest and freedom’.

I will subtly, but strategically release words that your mind needs to heal and go into a state of rest. With this, you can cure your insomnia permanently without ever needing any medication.

How To Cure Insomnia Permanently: Fear is not a problem.

Did you hear that? Yes, you did. “Fear is a good thing’.

 In the past, I use to think about fear, as something negative. Something to avoid and something I must grow ‘out of’.

This may sound confusing to you, but I need you to follow me so you can completely understand me fully.

let’s use this analogy.

how to cure insomnia permanently

If I gave you a million-dollar check and asked you to jump off a 10-story building-(without any support) would you jump?

If I gave you that option, would you jump?

Well, I know most of you us reading this right now wouldn’t just for the life of it.

If you jumped, it’s either you are stupid, your ‘fear mechanism is not properly functional-(which is a serious mental health issue anyways) – or you are just greedy lol.

if you refused to jump, it’s not because you are a coward, lack brevity, or are not motivated enough by money.

It is simply because you have an intelligent instinct called ‘fear’-actively in place to interpret danger and help you avoid being killed.

Your ‘fear’ mechanism is actively superb.

You are normal and fine. Your brain and mind are working at an optimal level.

So, fear was designed intelligently by our maker, to help us avoid being killed.

Fear is good. Fear of your bed is what is not good.

You do not need to worry about the fear of not sleeping.

Once you understand that fear helps save your life, you begin to appreciate ‘fear’- and not worry about the fear of not sleeping.

Your bed is not the problem.

To cure your insomnia permanently, I need you to appreciate fear. Appreciate the fact that it is the ‘fear mechanism’ within you, that has helped you stay alive all this while.

I hope this helped you resolve the ‘fear of night time’ or ‘fear of not sleeping’ or ‘fear of bed’?

Ok, Let us now go to the next step on how to cure insomnia permanently- The gratitude practice’.

5. How To Cure Insomnia Permanently: Gratitude Meditation/Practice.

how to cure insomnia permanently

I began by stating that to understand how to cure insomnia, you need to know that insomnia itself is a symptom-a sign of an underlying mental health issue.

The mental issue is fear or an unresolved shock/trauma or ongoing events in your life.

In other words, insomnia itself (the inability to fall asleep when you want to) is not the problem. The fact that your mind or body perceives scarcity or danger- is the problem.

I have talked extensively about past traumatic events. For example, the death of a loved one, accidents, your personal near-death experiences, etc. But I haven’t talked about ‘lack’ of financial scarcity.

Heal your Mind Of Scarcity

If you lived your life all through experiencing lack, from paycheck-paycheck. If you are constantly stressed about food, what to wear, or how to meet up with the demands of life-you could put your body in this ‘fear mode’ or ‘scarcity/lack’ state.

Once your mind or body perceives scarcity, it could put you on your feet to go plant or go in search of food. This is because it fears that failure to do so, means starvation or death.

This could be one of the reasons, you are experiencing insomnia.

To cure insomnia permanently, you must learn to leverage some ‘mental tools that will help you.

Your mind needs to accept that you are not in absolute danger, lack, or stress. And release you from these states of ‘survival’.

One such Tool is Gratitude.

Another of that tool is love and forgiveness. Another is positive self-talk and power thoughts or visualization techniques to help your mind be at peace.

I will begin by explaining the gratitude meditation tool I used and you can make a lifestyle practice to help you not only cure insomnia permanently but to get a hand on life and begin to attract abundance and happiness into your life.

How To Cure Insomnia Permanently: The gratitude practice/meditation:

First thing as soon as you wake up and the last thing before you drop off to sleep.

Take four deep breaths through your nose (with your eyes closed) and exhale via your mouth, making a ‘whoosh’ sound.

Focus completely on your breath and allow your mind to fully be present. This takes practice but it is very easy to master.

Note that, this breathing exercise, actually helps release your body from this state of stress into a relaxation mode.

Next, think of past events that have brought you Joy. You can make a mental list of all the things that ever happened in your life that brought you joy. What are your past victories? Any achievement?

I don’t care how you do this. You might need to practically tear your life apart-searching for things you are grateful for.

You just have to fish out the good things in your life.

Can you remember any?

Ok, feel how you felt when the event happened. (You are not imagining the feeling please, you should remember the feeling).

How did you feel when you (for example), had your first baby?

First, won the scholarship?

Fell sick the last time and recovered?

Miraculously got the job?

Got married, had your first kiss?

Has anyone ever loved you, ever survived an accident? Ever experience forgiveness?
I can’t name them for you.

We focus all our attention on what isn’t working.

But when you humbly take a close look and reflect on your life, you will see so many reasons to be grateful.

And just to take it to another level.

You just might lose something today, or things may not work out as you planned- you can still be grateful. Simple.

The list of things in your life doesn’t have to be significant for you to be grateful for it.

It can be simply the ability to breathe.

Your first child, your legs, the air around you. Everything and anything can make you happy when you begin to practice gratitude.

When you begin to do this, I bet you, you wouldn’t know when you cure yourself of this insomnia permanently.

The trick, however, is to make this your lifestyle.

The gratitude practice/meditation Part2

Now, let’s assume, you do not have much to be grateful for in the past or present.

You will have to bring all your needs and worries to your mind right now. Begin to feel the joy you will feel if these needs are met right now.

How will you feel, if your needs are completely met? Are your prayers completely answered?

Feel the joy, think of your worries and pains and needs as though it is already solved.

This is power-thought or visualization technique your mind needs, to release you from the state of ‘stress and fear’.

Do this daily and it will transform your life and cure your insomnia permanently.

6. How To Cure Insomnia Permanently: Make Love and Forgiveness a Lifestyle.

how to cure insomnia permanently

The next step or process on how to cure insomnia permanently is to reorganize your lifestyle.

I am asking you to change your mindset completely about life. Change your perception about the life-The way life should be, – and begin to accept things that you cannot control. Be at peace with the Universe.

You might not be able to change the painful relationships in your life right now.

I understand that it may be easier to divorce a spouse or leave a bad marriage, but how do you cope with a badly behaved child?

I mean, can you divorce a badly behaved child, causing you stress?

You Would Have To Learn How To Manage Your Emotions and Relationships.

One of the ways I do so is to change the meanings I attached to their behaviors. I have learned to excuse people’s behavior so that it becomes their headache, not mine.

I have learned that it takes being ‘full of strength’ to forgive an offense. (I will write about living in love in my subsequent post).

I have learned to interpret people’s actions with kindness and excuse or make room for their ‘foolishness’-for the selfish reason of not hurting myself.

During your meditation, bring everyone that has hurt you, and send them love and peace.

When you do this and live in this manner daily, you will not only cure your insomnia or other health issues-you will live an abundantly happy and blessed life.

To help you more on daily happy living, you can check out this post: how to be happy or live a happy life.

Positive self-talk

To heal or cure insomnia permanently, this is the stage where you talk with yourself.

Sit down quietly and begin to talk yourself up and out of your insomnia.

how to cure insomnia permanently
Customer Experience Concept, the Best rating for Satisfaction presented by Hand of Client giving a Five Star Rating

When I realized that my mind had taken a snapshot of that traumatic event (the death of the woman during childbirth)-I began to have a conversion with myself as follows;

‘It is ok to experience fear then, about the loss of that woman- but there is absolutely nothing to worry about her death.

‘Now I know that there is a place called ‘after-life’, I have done extensive research on death and afterlife experiences, and I now know that ‘death’ is a wonderful experience’.

I do not need to associate pregnancy or childbirth with death or pain anymore. I heal my mind of this fear completely. ‘

‘I am completely at peace and happy with everyone and people around me.

I love my husband and children, and I send out love to everyone related or connected to me.’

This is a powerful talk that you should consciously say and mean daily.

Your subconscious mind gets to understand -that you are not in ‘danger’ around the people giving you stress and release you from this ‘flight-fight’ state.

How To Cure Insomnia Permanently: Conclusion

In conclusion, it is very easy to learn how to cure insomnia permanently, by first changing your ‘mindset’.

If your mind remains in a state of unresolved fear, trauma, or scarcity, insomnia becomes -not a problem but a sign that something unpleasant in your environment or past, is distorting your mind’s perception of ‘rest.

To cure insomnia permanently, you may have to consider visiting your past.

Remember any events that may have upset your peace or look around your present environment and identify what might be upsetting your peace and Joy.

Look at it from a place of peace and kindness, not fear, and have a conversation with yourself (step7). Then imbibe the lifestyle of gratitude and love to continue handling everyday stress.

Use positive Talk to talk yourself out of your state.

Congratulations on finding this post and reading it to the end.

I hope I have shown you how to cure insomnia permanently, without sleeping pills.

It is ok, to use the medication if need be, or to take supplements if you have been diagnosed with a certain nutritional deficiency. But take it from me, I have experienced this shit, and this was my pill.

If you had like to reach us at betteryouinfo, or need further recommendations from us, send us an email via; (

leave a comment below to let us know other steps you have taken that helped you cure insomnia permanently.

I wish you love.

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