How To Get Rich From Nothing-Questions The Rich Have Answers To

How To Get Rich From Nothing-Questions The Rich Have Answers To

Are you broke and confused about money? Want to learn how to get rich from nothing?

All I want to do in this post is change your mind. I will be sharing the mindset and the skillset anybody in any part of the world can use to build wealth, influence, and success in life.

How To Get Rich from Nothing: The Mindset Of the Poor vs Rich

wondering how to be rich from nothing? The first step I had to encourage you to take is to take a look at your mindset. What do you know and believe about money?

What you know (your beliefs) will always determine how you act. I wrote extensively on the psychology of money in this post.

There are two kinds of people in the world; Those who work for money, and those who money work for. The difference between the two is what they know and want (their belief system).

How The Poor Think

how to get rich from nothing

Poor people think of how to get rich from nothing without fulfilling the law of supply and demand.

They are focusing on money, and never focusing on the demands (problems they can solve on a large scale) to build tomorrow’s assets.

The poor sell time for money. They go to school to learn how to work for money and be a good team member. They never learn how to build systems and businesses that solve problems in their absence.

If this is your mindset and belief (way of thinking), you may never make money from anything.

How The Rich Think

how to get rich from nothing

Rich people, think of how to get rich from nothing, but in a different light.

They think of how money can work for them. They understand the law of demand and supply, hence they create systems (employ people) to meet the demands (solve problems in demand) and earn money in the process.

The rich do not focus on money. They focus on demands (problems). First, they locate a demand (a problem). Then, they learn to solve problems in high demand.

They go to school to learn how to solve problems in high demand. How to create systems that will solve that problem without them being there. In other words, they learn how to invest money and employ money to work for them.

There is a way the rich think and act that enables them to earn and retain wealth on consistent bases. They simply want assets. They desperately understand that the only way to freedom is for money to work for them. Period!

How To Get rich from Nothing-1. The Solution Mindset

how to get rich from nothing

This is how to get rich from nothing: Sit down to answer these questions;

(1) What problem (in demand) am I solving?

(2) Who has the problem? In other words, who am I solving this problem for?

(3) Why Am I solving this problem?

From the onset, the rich think of how;

(1) To Build systems and businesses that solve specific problems for a specific set of people.

(2) They think of Investment Opportunities to grow their money.

So, dear reader, what problem can you solve or are you solving right now, who are you solving it for, and why are you interested in solving it?

Another way to answer this question is to identify any problem in your life that you have overcome. Anything you are so good at doing?

Don’t overthink it. If you do not have an answer to these questions, I suggest You learn how to promote other people’s products. You can start here. or here.

How To Get Rich from Nothing-2. Learning/ Adaptability Mindset

how to get rich from nothing

Once you have a rock-solid foundation of what you want, ie, to build assets and make money work for you, the next step on how to get rich from nothing is to understand that human beings are the most adaptive machines on earth.

You don’t have to know anything from the beginning, you just look for where to learn. You can learn how to make money from those who already are. I encourage you to check out this webinar, to begin with.

This is the greatest secret I discovered that has changed everything for me. I completely understand my capacity as a human being to learn and adapt quickly.

This potential and possibility in humans distinguish us from other species in the entire universe. Yet, a lot of people do not understand this principle.

Tom Bilyeu speaks about his ultimate move from poverty to wealth using this success secret (learning).

How To Get Rich from Nothing-3 Follow Your Intuition/Gut feeling

how to get rich from nothing

This third secret blew my mind when I figured it out.

This is the third step I recommend if you want to learn how to get rich from nothing.

The funny thing about intuition is that it is usually something underneath.

Every single person who has succeeded followed their gut feeling at some point or the other.

Watch the above video of tom Bilyeu and see how he moved from a Film making teacher to following his gut feeling to join his friends in their startup, then finally deciding to resign and start a business where he truly felt fulfilled solving nutritional/weight loss problems.

In Conclusion- Little Beginnings Can Make The Difference

how to get rich from nothing

The biggest problem with humanity is conformity! We don’t know what we want so we fall for everything.

Bill Gates had to answer his gut feeling by dropping out of school to learn to code. The same thing happened to Steve Jobs.

You may begin by washing dishes or working as a sales guy in a car dealership like this guy Rene Lacad, but fix your eyes on what you want and follow your intuition when it calls.

And the best way to get rich from nothing is to be willing to learn and adapt even when you know nothing about the opportunity that presents itself before you.

I have researched the richest men in the world, I have studied young folks who became rich and I have seen these 3 secrets I outlined above play out consistently.

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They know what they want and refused to conform by following their intuition. They are more than willing to learn and adapt when opportunities come.

You can get rich from nothing by using these three formulas I gave you for free. I am using it.

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