How To Get Out Of Poverty Anywhere in The World

How To Get Out Of Poverty Anywhere in The World

With no penny left in your account, it is easy to Google up ‘how to get out of poverty because you have suddenly realized how poor you are.

When you are at your lowest point in life, you realize how helpless and hopeless life can get.

I have been there.

The secrets I am about to share in this post will help you get out of poverty in a short while.

Unfortunately, I am no Bill Gate or Jeff Bezos.

But if you stick with the truths shared in this post, in a short while, I promise, you would find yourself in so much abundance that you may never have imagined.

Let’s just say this is an inspired work with practical truth to help you change your mind and life forever.

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The Scarcity Mindset (The Money Blocks That Keeps us All Poor).

how to get out of poverty
an empty plate portraying limited or scarce resources

If you want to get out of poverty you must first identify the beliefs (mindset) that control your reality and change them.

And when I say ‘change your mind’, I mean, change everything you know and believe about money.

We have all believed in lies!

Here is What We Know And Belief About Money

The world has programmed us into believing the concept of scarcity.

Economics, the media, our parents, and our surroundings told us (and showed us) that money is scarce.

And as we grew up with the mindset of scarcity, fear, and belief that ‘money is never enough, we repeat the pattern of poverty.

This is the root of all our problems.

Our Mindset (Beliefs) Creates Our Outcomes

Take this as a revelation and a practical truth to show you how to get out of poverty.

Your mindset (what you believe) controls your behavior.

The main philosophy of the book ‘Think and grow rich is that-as a man thinketh, so he becomes.

I want you to stop being naïve with the above statement.

We all have been programmed to believe in scarcity and live in the fear of this scarcity.

Because of this way of thinking (belief and mindset) we pinch, budget, save, store up, kill and destroy to have more of these ‘scarce resources’ but never have enough of them.


Because what we think (beliefs that money is scarce) is what we become (manifest in reality-keeps us in poverty)

you can never manifest what you don’t believe in.

You do not believe in abundance. So you can’t manifest abundance.

As a man thinketh, so he becomes!

In simple terms; ‘Whatever you think and believe about money, is what you will become and continue to be.

So, we don’t get what we want, we get our beliefs.

I need you to understand this because this is clearly how to get out of poverty.

How Do I Know I have a Scarcity Mindset?

how to get out of poverty worldwide
the world created scarcity through its global belief in the economics of scarcity and limited resources

To show you how to get out of poverty, I must first show you the beliefs (money blocks) that keep you in poverty.

But if you want to know what your beliefs are about things, then examine how you behave or act as regards that thing.

In this case, how you act around money, shows your belief or mindset about money.

The following behaviors, are atypical behaviors that show you have a scarcity mindset (money block);

#1. Do you find it Difficult to Give To Yourself?

how to get out of poverty
you deserve a gift, buy it for yourself!

If you can’t spend on yourself, it means you fear that another cash might never come your way.

The fear that another cash may not come your way is the padlock that keeps us all in generational poverty.

Until you stop thinking that way, you may never get out of poverty.

A typical example is when I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and needed to get a particular supplement.

At that point, I wasn’t in pain so, I felt, I could postpone buying my medication.

I also felt since my husband’s income was higher than mine, it was his responsibility to buy it for me.

I Rather Invested Than Spend On Me. (The what- if -more -doesn’t -come Mindset’)

It was recently, that I discovered why I exhibited this behavior.

I was caught in the scarcity loop.

‘The money is not enough, so it’s better I invest it and use the returns to take care of my health than spend all on my health at once’.

‘What if more don’t come.

The fear is that ‘More money might not come to me, so I had better spend it wisely.

The Change?

Catch Yourself Anytime You Behave Like A Poor Man (become conscious of your money behavior and self stinginess)

Make a conscious habit to catch your’ scarcity mindset” at play. catch your fearful thoughts.

Become conscious of what your thoughts are while executing those actions. This is how to get out of poverty.

Anytime you catch yourself stuffing money away for future use (when you haven’t solved an immediate present need) halt and ask yourself this question;

‘Why am I removing this money?

‘Am I acting out of a scarcity mindset”?

“Am I investing out of fear because I believe I may not have this kind of money again”?

‘Or am I investing out of wisdom and the generosity of my will”?

Most times, you may find out that you are acting up from the point of fear (scarcity) that you do not know where the next ‘big cash’ may come from.

Why Poor People often Lose Their Investment to Scams

how to get out of poverty
investing in haste and greed without taking time to research and learn about the investment leads to loss of investment

The secret I share here is how to get out of poverty. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is why poor people (Those with a poor/scarcity mindset) lose their investments and wealth 90% of the time.

They invest out of fear or from the mindset of scarcity.

“let me remove this because I do not know if another would come”

There is nothing wrong with investing (I will talk about that later. that is a major strategy for wealth).

However, when you invest instead of taking care of your health and basic needs. (out of fear that you may not have enough to invest later) you send a message to the universe, that you are unworthy in the scheme of life.

It means you chose money over yourself. You are breaking a law; ‘the law of worthiness’. (in my own words).

You may have money, but you are still poor because you are living in fear (fear that it is not enough).

This is a big money block, and I hope you realize it and change this behavior.

#2. How To Know you have A Scarcity Mindset; Do You Find It Difficult to Give Others?

how to get out of poverty
a person who believes he will always have does not fear to give

This is another secret to help you get out of poverty. Give!

The reason you find it difficult to give is that you believe that you may never have another one.

We hold tightly onto what we have because we fear where or when the next will come.

Again, you break a universal law by living this way.

Remember, as a man thinketh in his heart, so he becomes.

You think ‘If I give it away where will I get it back”.

This scarcity and fear-based thinking are what keep people in poverty.

The reward of this thinking pattern or mindset? More scarcity!

As a man thinketh, so He remains. The very thought that you may not have more after giving all out, keeps you in poverty.

You will always manifest what you believe.

You Will Always Have Enough

how to get out of poverty
I will always have enough to give you

But I am not blaming the behavior, I want you to get out of the mindset that makes you act this way.

Because this is what blocks money from coming your way easily.

And the only way to get out of poverty (the manifestation of lack you experience presently) is to change this mindset/belief that you may never have more.

Right now, at this very moment, I want you to KNOW that ‘You will always have more. As long as you stop thinking you may never have more.

People Who Give Consciously Demonstrate Abundance To the Universe.

how to get out of poverty in the world
A person holding a gift box.

They give out of an abundance mindset; that there is enough to give out.

This is why Bill Gates gives away 90% of his wealth and never goes broke.

“I agree that I will always have enough to meet my needs, so I can give away as much as I can”.

There will always be more.

In an interview with Lewis Howes, Tony Robbins Shares a deep insight that caught my attention.

He said, when he was still poor (had no money), He was outside one day when a boy came with his Mom.

He said, in his lack, he watched how this young man took care of his mom.

And he gave all he had that day to this little boy.

As soon as He did that, something shifted.

His admiration and (too) much respect for money gave way.

That was the day things shifted for him. Because He no longer sees money as a scarce commodity to hoard.

It became a resource to be used for the good of others.

And not long after, things began to change for him.

#3 Do You Reject The Idea of Being Helped By The Universe

how to get out of poverty
be open to receiving help

This is another secret that shows you how to get out of poverty.

I use to reject the idea of being helped by someone or God.

I never believed in ‘miracle money. And I find it ridiculous to pray or ask for money.

I guess I am not alone on this money blocker.

We all have been taught (programmed) to believe that the only way to succeed is to ‘work hard.

So, anything outside our effort is not appreciated.

If You Want to Get Out Of poverty Change This Mindset

how to get out of poverty
(learn to think abundance, this is why some have in excess, while others live in lack)

Think about this. The rain, sun, air, and moon are given to us in abundance supply without our slightest effort.

How then do we think, that the only way to survive is through our hard work? Our effort!

Be open to help sweetheart. You need help.

You can’t keep a closed mindset like this and expect to receive from the universe.

Say this; “I am open to receiving help from the universe”

” The rain, moon, sunshine, and air, were given freely to me, therefore, I open myself to the gifts of nature.

“I welcome help today.

Kick that pride away.

The Winning Mindset; “I Am The Blessing”

The right mindset will help you get out of poverty.

And what is this mindset? ‘The mindset that, you are a carrier of blessing’. That whatever you do prospers.

You see, I read the story of Joseph and Jacob. I saw that Jacob’s Uncle prospered because Jacob was with him.

The same thing happened to Potipher. Potipher prospered because Joseph (A carrier of blessing was with him).

I read the story of a boy who was given a white stone and was told that the stone was a good luck charm.

The young man carrying that stone about prospered.

However, years later, He discovers that that stone given to him was an ordinary stone.

But He prospered because He believed the stone gave him good luck.

But his state (belief) emitted the energy and disposition that brought him success because He had a winning mindset.

To get out of poverty, you must fix this in your mind; you are a universal citizen, carrying a blessing.

How To Get Out of Poverty Step2-‘Doing’

how to get out of poverty
its time to act

The Simple process I share in this article is the Be-Do-Have concept.

I forgot to mention, that it is equally important to give other resources you have.

Give your time, your knowledge, and your energy to the service of humanity.

The next and very important step on how to get out of poverty is INVESTMENT.

Investment Mindset; This is How To Get Out Of Poverty

Warren Buffett never worked or saved his way to wealth, he compounded his way to wealth.

“Most people learn to work for money, but it’s the few who know how to make money work for them that achieve financial security.”

-Robert Kiyosarki

I understand that you may not have any source of income right now. And you are wondering how to start investing when you don’t even have the cash to meet your daily demands.

I had like you to have this investment mindset before you begin earning any income at all.

Where Should I Invest My Money?

how to get out of poverty
Digital investments can get you out of poverty

Like I said earlier, if you are keen on learning how to get out of poverty, then you must think of ways to get money to work for you.

I didn’t start this content teaching you how to trade your time for money.

I started by helping you reprogram your mind (what you know and believe about money) from a poverty and scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.

the next thing, I want us to think about strongly, is how to get money to work for us.

Currently, I am learning more about crypto investments, NFTs, Gold investments, high yield stock, and mutual funds.

You too should be developing your mind in these areas. So that, as soon as you start earning a reasonable income from your skills or knowledge, you can invest in a high-yield return.

How To Get out of Poverty- Start With What You Have Now, Then Grow

how to get out of poverty
Start with what you have, (time)

To get out of poverty, you must have something to trade (Sell) in exchange for cash.

We have been told in the past to trade time or skill for money.

That is a great way to start, but you mustn’t end there (trading time for money).

If you have no skills currently, then start by doing menial jobs.

It could mean, washing dishes or cars. Or being placed on commission sales.

Just start and focus on growth.

Tony Robbins, started as a genital, then met Jim Rhon, who eventually became his mentor and trainer.

As you get by, opportunities will come to you. As long as you have developed an abundance mindset, opportunities will open up to you, for the next step.

Develop A Producer (Against Consumer) Mindset

how to get out of poverty

Focus on becoming a producer, not a consumer-this is how to get out of poverty.

The final thought on how to get out of poverty is that you create a game plan that will move you from a consumer, to a producer.

For example, Instead of reading other people’s blog content, think of creating a blog, which others can read from.

Srt by stating the future you would love to have. Then start from where you are and with what you have.

Hence, Growth should be your primary focus.

Save to invest in knowledge and growth. Aim at money working for you and grow as opportunities present themselves to you.

I wish you all the best.

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This is how to get out of poverty; replace the economics of scarcity and educate the world on abundance. fear drives poverty, greed, and lack

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