How To Find Inner Peace and Happiness (2022)

How To Find Inner Peace and Happiness (2022)

Wondering how to find inner peace and happiness? How can I find inner peace and happiness in my life?

If this is your quest, I will be sharing the root causes of the lack of inner peace and happiness. As well as the secret to finding inner peace and happiness in our lives.

Why Do You Lack Inner Peace and Happiness?

how to find inner peace and happiness

1. You are Searching in The Wrong Place

Back in time, man has been on a quest. A quest for freedom, a quest for Love, a quest for peace and happiness.

However, this quest has led men to seek tranquility and peace of mind in bottles, entertainment, sex, Pornography, Money, and religion.

Each time, you step outside yourself in search of peace and happiness, you are searching in the wrong place.

If you trying to find inner peace and happiness outside yourself, I had like to encourage you to stop. The first step to finding inner peace and happiness is searching for it in the right place.

2. You Lack The Skills ( Ingratitude, People, Conflict & Stress Management Skills)

how to find inner peace and happiness

According to Wikipedia, Inner peace refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors.

Your beliefs and the interpretations you give to life will determine your state of mind-not necessarily the external environment. So, you can choose to be at peace regardless of your external environment.

We have been conditioned to see or recognize what isn’t working. This is one of the reasons we find it difficult to have inner peace and happiness in our lives.

Hence, you can train yourself to access inner peace and happiness at all times regardless of the troubles of life.

3. You Lack Hope (Hopelessness)

how to find inner peace and happiness

It is difficult to access inner peace and happiness when you lack hope. When you stop believing that you can ever achieve your desires and goals and give up trying, you step into the platform of homelessness.

Viktor Frankl, in his book; Man’s search for meaning, says he survived the Nazi concentration camp (WW11) because he identified a purpose to feel positive about. He had things he would love to accomplish after the war written in his mind. And he lived for that purpose.

When you have nothing you live for, nothing to believe in, you lose your peace to fear and worries. Hopelessness is listed as one of the symptoms of mental and behavioral health challenges in our world today.

Now that we have discussed the problems, let’s talk about the solutions:

How To Find Inner Peace and Happiness in Your Life

Peace and happiness are not what you pursue, it’s what you attract by the person you become. Today, I will show you how to become a radically different person so that you can begin to attract peace and happiness naturally.

My Journey: How I Found Inner Peace and Happiness

I shared my journey in this post. Hope you take the time to go through parts 1& 2 of that post.

1. I Looked Within & Unlearned My Unhealthy Behaviors

how to find inner peace and happiness

Everything went haywire in my life. Daily I wondered how to find inner peace and happiness again. Until I had an aha moment.

It suddenly occurred to me that I was the cause of my conflict and stress. I was the problem, not the people or situations around me. So, I did an honest self-assessment.

An honest self-assessment and I discovered how selfish, ungrateful, unkind, impatient, and easily angered I was. At that moment. I realized, that in other to find inner peace and happiness I needed to unlearn these unhealthy behaviors.

2. How To Find Inner peace and happiness: I Learnt To Be Grateful

how to find inner peace and happiness

Gratitude is the second key to finding inner peace and happiness. Gratitude practice helped me cultivate inner peace and happiness.

Here is how it is done: Make a mental list of things that ever brought joy in your life. First thing in the morning as you wake up, and the last thing you do before you drop off to sleep. Set out 15-20 Minutes daily for this.

Also, do this all through the day. Make it a habit to meditate on all the good things that ever brought Joy to your life. And if something against your plan comes up in life, always remember, that you have had some pleasant moments and days to be grateful for.

We often do not pay attention to what is working, nor do we make out time to appreciate what we have, or what is good in our life.

3. How To Find Inner Peace and Happiness: I learned To Forgive

how to find inner peace and happiness

If you are wondering how to find inner peace and happiness, and struggle with forgiving others, then you may have to unlearn this behavior. I learned how to make room for others’ stupidity and faults.

I wrote extensively on how to forgive others and let go of anger in this post.

4. I Practice Proactiveness (People & Anger Management)

how to find inner peace and happiness

During your 15-20 minutes of meditation, come up with responses to other people’s behavior that irritates you. It could be your colleague at work, your spouse, or your kids-decide to reciprocate with love.

For example, one of my kids had a way of getting at me. Being impatient, I would often yell at her. That wasn’t serving me well, and I needed to change that behavior and instill love and confidence.

So, I came up with a favorable response ahead of time. I decided that whenever she acted badly, I would say; ” I love you, God bless you”. Initially, I would yell at her before remembering my pre-planned response. but I kept practicing until it became part of me.

Not too long we became best of friends and the love and confidence I sort were restored between us.

5. I Practice Optimism

how to find inner peace and happiness

When things don’t go as planned what do you do? Freak out? yell and cry? Never try again or be grateful for the failures.

The interpretations you give to situations could determine how much inner peace and happiness you access daily.

I had to come up with positive excuses for whatever went wrong in my life. It is the same thing as learning to make room for other people’s faults. But this time, you make room for things beyond your control. You decide to interpret situations in your favor.

Didn’t get the job? ‘Well, maybe it’s not yet my time’. ‘or maybe I could start my own business. As opposed to someone saying; ” Life is not fair to me ‘Why do I always have to struggle to achieve my desires’.

Whenever I meet an objection or obstacle in life, I first evaluate it and most times, I see it as the universe, guiding me against that path.

6. I Believe I Am Guided By The Universe ( I learned To Be Hopeful)

how to find inner peace and happiness

One of the most significant ways I found inner peace and happiness is my belief in universal guidance. I believe in God and his benevolence and guidance.

This belief has been like my bedrock and source of hope. It has led to trust in a power greater than Me. And this gives me confidence and hope that I do not work alone. I believe things happen for my good and not against me.

This trust in power I do not know or see has led to my listening and trusting my intuition. Whenever I feel unease or meet with objections, I pay attention.

It could be the universe, pulling me away from a path or pushing me towards an opportunity.

How To Find Inner Peace and Happiness; Conclusion

I can write this content today, not because I have got all the money I want but because I have discovered how to find inner peace and happiness by practicing these steps written above.

I hope you find the steps outlined above helpful. If you did, I encourage you to make them your daily practice. It changed my life and I believe it would change yours for good.

If this content was helpful to you kindly leave feedback to let us know how it impacted your life in the comment section below. Also, feel free to share it with someone else.

You are free to share this content with someone!

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