4 Simple Ways To Conquer Fear- And Live Free 2022.

4 Simple Ways To Conquer Fear- And Live Free 2022.

Struggling with fear and wondering if there are genuine ways to conquer fear? Always afraid of death or failure and want to know how to overcome this fear and live a life free from fear?

In this post, You will learn exactly how to overcome your fears, understand why you are afraid, and learn a simple strategy I use to remain sane, fearless, and bold in the face of hopeless circumstances.

1. Fear is A Natural Survival Mechanism.

ways to conquer fear

If you are scared of everything and you are looking for ways to conquer fear, I had like you to first understand that ‘fear’ is a naturally designed mechanism to guide you and keep you safe.

Without the ‘fear mechanism,’ we will all be dead.

Fear is natural. But anxiety is not. Anxiety is when you concentrate on the possibility of a negative outcomes-even when it has not happened.

We can’t get rid of fear, but we can overcome anxiety and remain stable in the face of challenges.

Ways to Conquer fear: Fear As A Survival Mechanism Explained

If you are considering ways to conquer fear, Think about food or hunger or the hunger mechanism for example.

Imagine you are in your house and there is no food for you. You haven’t eaten for three (3) days and there is no hope of food anywhere.

Physiological Trauma.

This is what will happen; Your ghrelin level drops signaling the need for food, so you become hungry.

Stored foods and sugar in your body are released to aid you so you do not drop dead.

When food is not in sight, your metabolic rate drops; the rate at which food or digestion takes place drops to conserve some more energy.

The craving Hunt

Your appetite increases asking you to do anything whatsoever to get food so you do not die.

Your stress hormones are heightened keeping you highly sensitive to anything food.

Just like a hunter ready to kill a target in sight.

Your senses get heightened, and you become desperate, miserable, and hopeless when there are no assurances of food.

At this point, man loses his sense of humanness and is ready to kill just for survival.

The craving For Food is the same feeling addicts experience when they haven’t’ ‘serviced’ their Addiction.

It’s a psychological survival mechanism made possible by the fear-mechanism -only there is no real threat.

Without the fearful states, we feel, we would be like zombies.

So, stop fearing fear. Embrace fear as a pleasant emotion -something that warns you and assures your safety.

2. Ways To Conquer fear: Watch your Thoughts.

The second way to conquer fear is to write out your fears. Simply become aware of your fearful thoughts.

This is one of the ways to conquer fear.

Learn to put away fear-based thoughts. Remember we said earlier that anxiety is fearful or negative imagination.

Take a sheet of paper, and write out these questions; what ails me? What am I afraid of?

I came across this method incidentally late last year (2020) during the pandemic.

I took a goal-setting class in preparation for the new year (2021).

We were asked to write down our fears and negative thoughts.

The question goes;

*Do you have any fear? If yes, what are they?

Ways to conquer fear; Write down your negative thoughts.

ways to conquer fear

So, I did write it down.

‘How I have become scared of the future especially since the pandemic hit. Furthermore, I became scared of death.

I never knew this was a powerful way to conquer fear and anxiety. but guys, it worked on me like magic.

As soon as I wrote out my fears they seemed to distill and diffuse. I could feel free and happier after the exercise. And boy am I grateful?

So, this is one of the ways to conquer fear; Write down your fear.

Think about it but do not keep it in your head; write it out.

3. Ways To Conquer Fear: Knowledge Heals Fear

Another way to conquer fear is knowledge.

How I overcame a fear of Death

This one too is practical for me. After the pandemic, I became afraid of death.

I could feel the fear of dying in my bones while I was sick and that made my sickness worse.

When I recovered, I knew I wasn’t sick because of the pandemic, I felt sick because;

  1. I listened to too much negative news about the virus.
  2. I was afraid of dying.

So, one of the ways I decided to overcome my fear of death was to go on youtube and watch videos of those who had a near or after-death experience.

What I saw, intrigued me. My fear of death disappeared after watching those videos because knowledge diffused my fear of death.

Ways To Conquer Fear of Flying?

ways to conquer fear

I researched air flight and safety. and Then I discovered that taking a flight was 10X safer they driving.

I researched, saw data about the safety measures and mechanisms in place for flight, and my fear distilled.

Knowledge heals our fear.

Fear of Medical operations And Surgery?

ways to conquer fear
a young man scheduled for surgery

A lot of people are scared of medical or surgical operations. Ways to conquer this fear?

I learned recently that medical procedures and surgeries have greatly improved and the safety rate has become phenomenal due to better knowledge and procedures developed by technological innovations.

As I read about this, fear literarily diffused from my soul and my confidence was restored.

4. Ways To Conquer Fear of Failure: The Principle of Faith

One of the ways to conquer failure fears is to meditate on this question: ” what if it works”?

One of the things we fear most in life is the fear of failure.

You want to leave your job to start your business- your greatest fear becomes ” what if I fails”?

This fear has kept many from launching out and succeeding as they should.

Any time you want to launch out into the deep, and you find yourself bombarded by this fear of failure whispering how uncertain and foolish taking a risk is,- answer by asking yourself this question- “what if it works”?

What if I succeed?
What if I make it alive?

Ways To Conquer fear: Prayer & Meditation

ways to conquer fear

Something happened recently that brought fear into my life and one of the ways I conquered that fear was through prayer.

I believe in God and over time, I have developed a good relationship and communication with the supreme being I call God.

I noticed that my fear dissolved as soon as I asked in prayer that it be gone.

Ways To Conquer Fear-Final Thoughts (The Pegged Elephant)

ways to conquer fear

The story of the pegged elephant is one story that would help challenge your mind and help you conquer fear.

It is said that pegging elephants to the ground when they are little could have a far damaging effect on their mind for the rest of their life.

This is because he never forgets the struggle and failure he experienced trying to let loose while at a tender age.

Unfortunately, it carries with it, that fear into adulthood-unable to yank off the peg even though it now has the power to do so.

We are often constrained in our minds. Our greatest limitation is within our mind-What we believe we can achieve.

I hope this helps you break forth and conquer fear in your life and live happier.

Let me know how you are conquering fear in your life daily in the comment section.

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