What Makes A Happy Life-Ending The Quest.P2

What Makes A Happy Life-Ending The Quest.P2

This is the continuation of the series; how to live a happy life Part 1.

A feeling of unhappiness and depression might be your soul’s way of communicating to you its need for growth and spiritual connection with our divinity.

unfortunately, we mistake it (this craving) for money, new relationships, Social status, Name, or fame.

Hence, we get into a circle of unending search, using external events or substances to satisfy a deep spiritual need.

The search for a happy life begins by understanding that we are dual beings with both physical and spiritual dimensions.

You Are A Spirit Being in A Physical Body.

To truly live a happy life we must learn to harmonize our physical and spiritual dimensions. Life is not only physical. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

And just as our physical body needs food, nice clothes, comfortable houses, and money to feel happy and look good.

Our Spirit needs– Love, hope, and certainty to thrive.

1. The Journey To A happy Life; Hope & Certainty

 a happy life

When I began to work on this post I wanted to be sure that I had the answer to the question; what makes a happy life.

At first, I was confused and wasn’t sure about the right answer to the question. But as I slept over this article (which took over 7days to finish) the answer came.

Hope and certainty make a happy life!

Hope & Certainty is a Primary Need of Man

One of the innate needs of man is the need for certainty. Certainty makes a happy life. We are biologically and psychologically wired for safety and security.

The thought of not having what to eat, a good source of income, or fear of the unknown can drive us crazy.

We want to make sure that our survival is unquestionable. And for this fact, we try our absolute best to be in total control of our life.

So, we plan, set goals, and work towards our desires. Unfortunately, most times, things fall apart. And our confidence and abilities are questioned.

Does Wealth Give Certainty or Make A Happy Life?

a happy life

For someone poor or still struggling financially, you might be tempted to say, that wealth makes a happy life. But I am sure this blog would be read by someone financially buoyant yet very unhappy.

Why would someone very financially secured still be uncertain and unhappy? You would find out soon.

While researching and working on this post, I had an experience.

Earlier this year, I had a source of income that was passively generating some cash flow for me, and that made me happy.

Suddenly my Source of Income Ceased

But my cash flow source ceased and, I became worried and uncertain about the future. This literarily made me sick.

So, I began to unravel where I had placed my hope. Have I depended on money for my happiness? It dawned on me where my trust and hope were.

And while I was still ruminating on my fate, the answer to the question- what makes a happy life -came to me.

Trust In The Power Within Makes A Happy Life

a happy life

If you are rich and successful and still wonder how to find happiness and live a happy life, I like you to draw your seat closer and pay keen attention.

The picture that came to my mind while I ruminated on this question and dug into my unhappiness these past days was this.

Practical Example Of Trust-Two Men Loses Their Job

What makes a Happy Life? Let’s learn from these two men.

Two men working in the same office had just lost their jobs.

These men react to their circumstances differently based on their trust and beliefs.

The First Man-Faith & Optimism

a happy life

One simply looks at the situation and with a smile walks away from the job.

In his heart, he feels grateful for the time spent in his workplace and with absolute faith and trusts, he believes that this is the beginning of a new chapter.

He isn’t sure if a new job would come soon, neither is he sure of how to take care of his family, but because of his deep faith and walk with the divine being he calls God, he is calm and at peace knowing that something positive would come out of this.

The Second Man- Pessimism & Hopelessness

a happy life

He wails and curses his employers. He feels hurt that he has given his best but has not been treated well. And the worst thing is, he is so unsure and uncertain where his next meal would come from.

When this picture came to my mind I then understood what it means to truly live a happy life. I understood what brings Joy.

Solomon, sort wisdom and meaning outside God, and in the end, he says; ‘trust in the Lord with all your heart’.

Trust & happiness

The same scenario can be painted with the wealthy. When I meet two wealthy people. I can tell who has a happy life and who is miserable.

Those who have a connection with their spirituality; submit, trust and believe in the benevolence of a being we call God are the ones who truly have a happy life.

Wisdom, Knowledge, wealth, fame, and all we pursue in this life are meaningless without a belief and a firm trust in a the benevolence of the universe.

In the words of Oprah Winfrey, ‘there is no meaningful fulfilling life without God. I do not care what you believe or what you call God, but life is unfulfilling, and saddening without a trust in this being we call God.

We All Have A Vacuum Only (Trust or Hope) Can Satisfy

a happy life

Why do a lot of famous and wealthy celebrities end up in addiction?

Answer: Fame, wealth, and success have not given them happiness. In their quest for a happy life or happiness, they get into the circle of addiction.

Because they are trying to fill a spiritual and emotional emptiness -only trust in the universe can fill- with a chemical substance or external conditions.

Trust Supersedes Optimism

To truly live a happy life, understand the difference between positivity/optimism and trust in God. I understand the science of spirituality very well. And science is beginning to catch up with spirituality teaching us the mind-body connection.

To trust means to believe in the truth, ability, reliability, and strength of something. Trusting God means believing in the reliability, truth, strength, and ability of God. ( You can read this full article about trusting God from cru.org)

Optimism on the other hand means hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

I feel there is a limit to positivity or optimism. Faith and trust puts us on a higher pedestral-that something bigger, mightier, and wiser than us is in charge of our destiny.

How To Develop Trust

Studying the teachings of Jesus and Solomon brought meaning and hope to me.

I understood that it was no ordinary means that Samson defeated 1000 men with a Jaw bone. Something supernatural beyond our strength must be in operation.

Why shouldn’t I believe?

Look, it’s folly to not believe in God. Watch this woman’s story of the death experience and trust in God. This solidified my belief in God.

2. Self Love, Another Key To A Happy Life

a happy life

We often seek a happy life outside ourselves-and that is a big problem.

Research has shown that when individuals love themselves they give their best in work and life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not love themselves.

It sounds funny but research has shown that people tend to indulge in unproductive behaviors such as procrastination, addiction, and unproductive habits because deep down in their hearts they have no self-love and self-respect.

The next question becomes, why would anyone not love him/herself?

The answer is simple.

We love people who are kind, respectful, peaceful, hard-working, productive, proactive, gentle, forgiving, punctual and show up for us in times of need.

But the truth is, most of us do not possess these qualities.

We are sluggish to other people’s work, we hate our work, we are purposeless and visionless, we are unkind to ourselves and others, and we are lazy and procrastinate a lot.

We can’t hold ourselves accountable to a task and yet we think our happiness and Joy depend on other people.

This is the reason people do not love themselves- We know we are unworthy because we do not exhibit the behaviors we admire in others or expect from others.

Transforming Your Behavior Can Lead To A Happy Life

We move people from unkind, angry, and emotionally unintelligent individuals to emotionally fit and intelligent individuals who will fall in love with themselves. And because of this self-thrust, give their best in what endeavor they find themselves in.

If you have any behavior you are struggling with such as anger, unforgiveness, procrastination, laziness, lack of focus, or addictions you would want to work on changing your life for the better.


I extensively wrote on how to change your life for the better and how to become better in life in my previous post.

Using my personal experiences I have been able to uncover for myself, what truly makes a happy life.

I believe by now you have been able to reconcile that trust in the divine being we call God truly makes one happy. And I also hope you have seen the need to work on your behavior to improve the quality of your life.

If you had like to Know God more or learn more about how to develop your spiritual life, feel free to reach out to me via the comment section or betteryouinfopill@gmail.com

Peace & Love.

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