Mastering Focus- Why You Are So Distracted & How to Fix It

Mastering Focus- Why You Are So Distracted & How to Fix It

We all know the importance of focus and self-discipline. But how to become more focused is a big question most have no answer to.

Maybe you just realize how distracted you are and you are beginning to wonder if something is wrong with you.

You have taken a preview of your life and have seen how stagnated you are because you lack focus.

I have been there severally and I am a consistent and deliberate student as well as a teacher of this topic.

But today, I will be sharing the simple psychological strategy I am applying and you can use it to automatically eliminate distractions and gain acute focus in your life.

His Loss Had Become Visible To Him

how to become more focus
Man rubbing his right eye.

‘I am too distracted. I think I have a short attention span’. ‘Please I want to learn how to become more focused’

These were the words of a friend recently.

He continued by stating the obvious. How he suddenly realized he wasn’t moving any forward because of this habitual behavior of his.

‘I tend to get distracted a lot and this makes me have lots of uncompleted and abandoned projects. He concluded.

His loss had become obvious to him. And at this point, I can see that he is ready to make the transition he seeks.

This is the point of a change-the first step to changing any self-limiting behavior.

Mastering Focus; Why You Are Distracted

becoming focused
a young boy so distracted

To gain focus, we must first uncover the underlying beliefs and root cause of our distractive behavior.

We are looking for the surest and best shortest route to our dream. This is the desire and inner thought of most men.

Now, this is often an unconscious desire.

And with this unconscious desire or line of thought, we will always execute this desire or thought pattern-quit the hard path and follow a shorter route.

This is what leads to unfulfilled projects.

To change a behavior, sit yourself down and change the underlying belief powering the behavior

Here are a few beliefs systems or mindsets you can identify and change to enhance focus;

A desire for the Shortest Route

how to become more focused
A woman walking on a branching way leading to multiple doors. Chosen path affects the result. Choice and decision concept.

Our minds lose focus when the route to our destination seems long and difficult.

We often can’t deceive our minds.

It hears and knows our deepest thoughts and desires. So it scans the best possible shortest route to reaching our dream.

And all we do is follow in the direction our mind (deepest beliefs) leads.

One of the duties of our minds is to yank us off the longest most unsure path to our dreams and present us with the next viable likely shorter and surer path.

This is great work but the problem is, if we continue to follow our minds (honor our fears, look out for and think of the easiest and shortest path) we may continue on the miry go-round and never arrive at our destination.

A bigger shit to deal with.

Here is A Practical Example With Money Goals

mastering focus

One of man’s deepest needs is the need for freedom-especially financial freedom.

Let’s say financial freedom is your quest. So you set a goal of hitting a set financial goal (say $10,000)/month.

Next, you get into a program or a particular business as a possible vehicle to actualizing your set goal.

This is where your problem begins.

So you get into a vehicle with the same mindset; ‘oh this should take me quickly to my destination’.

Most likely, you may purchase a course from a mentor or a coach (someone who has arrived there already, to take you there).

Great move, problem is you have a short-cut mindset (impatience, shortest path possible) which you haven’t dealt with.

It Gets Tough Along The Line

how to develop focus
It gets tough as you go

So, you embark on the journey enthusiastic, inspired, and hopeful of the best outcome.

But, it gets tough. It’s 4 months into the program (a course I believe), and no sign of water!

Your thoughts kick in.

‘This isn’t the right vehicle for me’.

‘How do I get into the shortest surest possible route’? This isn’t it.

‘This might be a waste of time’. It suggests.

This is where you start paying attention to other opportunities.

And of cause, -seek an alternative way to your dream.

Mastering Focus; Change your MindSet!

how to become more focused

We began this class on focus by first counting the cost of distraction.

Take a look at your life. Look back and observe the zig-zag nature of your path.

You have moved nowhere because of this behavior!

Now the mind is confused. It wants to help you get to your destination as quickly and securely as possible.

But now, it is aware. ‘I am not making headways, and this is bad’!

Kudos. Now you are aware of the problem- distraction, lack of focus. You think.

Lack of Focus isn’t The Problem, Fear is.

how to become more focused
I want an easy life.

Lack of focus is not the problem.

The real problem is your belief- ‘I want the quickest possible route’. That is the real problem.

Can’t you see it? You are driving on auto.

How do I achieve focus?

Sweetheart, you lack the right mindset (you have a poor belief system that is driving you naught).

Change that naughty belief.

Get this- Success needs mastery, and it takes patience and time to gain mastery!

Ahah. You don’t want to hear that. But that is your last hope.

Fear Fuels Distraction and Inability to Focus on A Project

You see, we grew up not understanding the power of human potential.

We do not believe in ourselves or the power of our minds.

And also, no one took the time to install the winning mindset in us when we were growing up.

What if I told you that you can succeed quickly and easily in any venture?

How To Become More Focused? Install A Winning Belief

mastering focus
Close-up side view of a young couple high fiving each other. They are walking in a street with tree lines on a summer day.

Look, I have no intentions to ‘preach’ this boring sermon of ‘persistence, patience or focus’ to you.

I hate long routes to success.

I want success and I want to get in the shortest vehicle to take me there.

And trust me, when it comes to money, there are shorter routes and the fastest routes to it.

Nevertheless, you won’t get any success if you don’t believe you have the capacity to succeed quickly and easily in any venture.

So, I encourage you to commit to building a money vehicle for at least one year before quitting on it.

Give your current vehicle at least one year, before you throw it off.

Believe Me – Success May Not Require Much Time, But Consistency

Beautiful young woman sitting in a Berlin street cafe working on a laptop

Some of us got to our success too quickly. Some didn’t even need a class on focus or to learn ‘how to become more focused’ to get there.

You never can tell, perhaps they had a good mentor early enough. Or their path just worked out fine.

But you, you need to take your time. And guess what, most people think there isn’t enough time.

The only thing most poor people have is time, but they often compromise it.

I Do Not Have Enough Time? This is Another Root Problem

Women tired out stressed for lack of time

It is difficult to stay focused when you have a ‘time scarcity mindset.

So you think you do not have enough time, that is another unconscious self-limiting automatic belief.

Remember the first auto belief driving your distraction?

“I want the fastest. shortest possible route to my destination”

The second driver is, ‘I do not have enough time’.

This one is similar to the first but it got complicated the first.

you lost time because you were impatient, ignorant, and indisciplined.

Discipline saves you the cost of time, and discipline and patience is the only factor that redeems it.

Master Focus By Mastering Time

how to be more focused
Time is money.

For you to get distractions out of the way and maintain the discipline of focus you need to master the concept of time.

Use your free time wisely, and stop burning it on social media.

We overestimate what we can achieve in 1 year (we set big goals for one year). And we underestimate what we can achieve in 3, 4, or 5 years.

Oftentimes, we get deceived into thinking that a year is too big a time to achieve all our big dreams.

So, we compress all our goals into a very small framework of time.

We also think that 3 or 5 years is too far away to plan, so we refuse to see how quickly we have spent the last five years of our life.

Give yourself 5 years to your dream! It’s not too big a time.

Think you Are Too Old?

mastering focus
not too old to act

Consider this blog post your savior. You do not lack focus. Someone searching for how to become more focused after reading this article should have become a little more disciplined to do so.

You are where you are because of this present belief, so hopefully, you need no cajole to change this belief.

Some persons met success at 25, others achieved it at 75.

I guess the difference is how early each of them (us) heard the truth exposed in this content.

How early do they learn and mastered the discipline of one?

The moment you understand that you have wasted time because you thought there was not enough time, you stop wasting the real time.

By getting disciplined to one project at a time and sticking to it.

How Long Must I Stick To A Project before I Change?

how to become more focused
question a lot of people ask

To answer that question and help you master focus, you may have to get a mentor or a personal coach.

Someone who has achieved the kind of success you are looking for.

this is one simple but very effective strategy for achieving success in the shortest possible time.

if you stick with this plan, magic may happen in your life.

The Gains; Magic of Focus

mastering focus
the magic of focus

Someone wrote in a post; ‘Magical things happen when you narrow your focus on a few things’.-‘Mute Efe, founder, Of The Leadership Tribe.

Imagine just following one course. Imagine what would happen to you when all you have to do is do that one thing for a whole year?

Think about it.

All your energy in one bucket. You are likely going to do much in one year than you have done in the past 5 years.

Let’s Draw A Game Plan That Works

how to be focused
Confident mid adult businesswoman writing new ideas onto a

If you want to become more focused, then you must have a vision or game plan.

A game plan is a strategic plan, that shows you all the processes you must follow to get to the desired destination.

Without a vision or plan, you will lack focus.

Here is a simple game plan we can work with.

  1. One project for one year.

2. If you must have two (a side hustle) devote a specific time (say weekends only) for it.

3. Get an accountability coach or join a group

4. Set a motivation- Assume you will make a certain amount of cash by the end of a project

5. Fail forward until you master this

6. Consider meditation-Five minutes daily before bedtime, and as soon as you awake, meditate.

7. Lay your bed daily as soon as you wake up – This helps strengthen your willpower.

8. Wash your dishes as you finish your food.

Establishing A Strategic Game Plan To Get You To Your Dream

Another reason you lack focus is that you have not taken the time to come up with a plan.

The game plan will show you;

  1. Where you are right now. 2. Where you want to be 3. What do you need to learn or do, to get there?

First, let’s take up each project of your attention.

Take a piece of paper and write down the 2 or 3 projects that interest (or distract) you.

Write down how much you want to earn monthly from each project.

Next, determine possible actions within each project (things to do; courses to learn, getting a mentor, number of customers, etc) to get you to your dream.

Now, which of the projects (of all the things that catch your attention), will get you to your dreams quickly?

Which are you most passionate about?

Now, make one a side hustle to finance your passion.

Give full attention to the one you are passionate about if it also could yield great returns in the long run.

While the side hustle could be the one to yield the most return in the shortest time possible.

Now you have a game plan for your dreams. This will help you stay focused and consistent.


I hope this helps you become more focused and actualize your biggest potential.

Remember leaders ask the question; Is it worth it? Not, is it easy?

If you need more clarifications, you can book a consultation/session with me by sending a mail to

To your success.

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