How To Quit Smoking Or Any other Bad Habit 2022

How To Quit Smoking Or Any other Bad Habit 2022

Here is a simple guide on How to Quit Smoking or Any Other Bad habit easily.

Gaining motivation to quit smoking is really simple. You just have to understand how your brain works and collaborate with it.

Your mind or brain loves pleasure and hates pain, but it does exactly what it thinks you want- Hypnotherapist Marisa Peers.

How To Quit Smoking: Why Do You Smoke

how to quit smoking permanently

To gain motivation and quit any bad habit such as smoking, you need to show it (your brain) the visible intended reward it will gain by quitting that bad habit, the pain the bad habit is causing you, and also show it the reward it will derive by learning or adopting a new one-This is the secret.

Dopamine is the motivation hormone and the brain only releases it when it perceives or anticipates a pleasurable reward. Again, remember, the mind loves pleasure and flees from pain.

Once it perceives something as pain it freezes and won’t release dopamine (zero motivation to get it).  But if it perceives something as pleasurable or rewarding (tend to achieve a pleasurable feeling, eg bravery), it releases the motivation hormone to get it.

So, the anticipation of a reward automatically releases the flow of dopamine. However, it doesn’t matter to the brain if the reward is negative or positive to the body. But it matters to your body/health.

Once, your brain perceives that smoking (or any other action) is rewarding, it releases that which gives you the drive/ urge to get it.

And the moment you get it and begin to repeat that action and it perceives it as pleasurable because you have begun repeating it, it puts the action on auto-pilot, so as to conserve energy. A habit is formed.

At this point, you do it without thinking. You engage in smoking without thinking.

How To Quit Smoking: The Reward For Smoking?

Let’s talk about Serotonin (The reward).

The reward is serotonin. Serotonin is released once a perceived reward or pleasure is achieved. Whether good or bad, it doesn’t matter to the brain.

So, the brain perceived smoking as something good, so you smoked. The first time, it felt like shit. But, who cares about the taste, your brain only cares about the meaning. The hidden meaning it wants to derive. (Bravery). Just a smoke or two, made you feel, you now belong. And that is it.

A sense of belonging is higher than a bad taste. So, you repeat it over and over and the brain finally gets it and wants more to feel good.

By just thinking about your insecurity and the sense of belonging (reward), the motivation to do it is released.

To quit you have to stop associating smoking with pleasure. Stop seeing it as pleasurable. See it as a big problem. Communicate it by talking to yourself daily.

How To Quit Smoking Without Struggle

Here is How to quit smoking or any bad habit.

Step 1-Make the pleasure a pain.

The mind hates pain. Dig up the real pleasure you were trying to fulfill (a sense of belonging) and dig up the reasons you really want to quit and state it to your brain.

Let me explain.

The reason you started smoking is that you wanted to ‘feel among’ (bravery). You wanted to be seen as brave.

The perceived pleasure isn’t the cigarette, it’s the sense of bravery and belonging.

The perceived pleasure of not smoking will be what? Not smoking means bravery too!

Write it out (this will help release the flow of dopamine) the motivation to quit.

This works both ways.

Eg, I am quitting because of bravery. It shows I have self-worth and power- to do what I want to do.

What does being able to pick up a cigarette and not smoke it means to you deeply?

It actually means you have self-worth. You have the power to do it or not. It means you are not told what to do. You do the shit you want and don’t do what you don’t’ want!

Get this Right

Until you get this shit, you may find it difficult to quit smoking because you will be feeling deprived.

Smoking is not a treat because of the health implication.

Smoking now is a treat because, again, you want to show you are brave by quitting and you can’t even stop.

That was why you started in the first place. To exercise your willpower- To do what you want!

Now you want to exercise that same will-power and you can- just the same way you started the habit in the first place.

So, what do you do? How do you quit smoking?

Once your motivation (the reason is clearly stated subconsciously, the brain will attach the routine as bad and unpleasable).

So, what was once pleasurable, will now be perceived as pain. Once, that is established in your brain, smoking becomes undesirable because it simply is not helping you exercise or satisfy your (pleasure). The new pleasure is ‘not smoking’. That is a new power.

So, all you need to do is change the meaning of pleasure. Once the ‘pleasure’ is undesirable, it hates the routine.

Why did you start watching porn? Because you wanted to feel safe or explore your sexuality.

Now, after smoking or watching porn how do you feel?

Guilt and shame. Right?

Is the anticipated desire pleasurable? No.

So, is it easy to change it? Yes!

You just haven’t sat down to identify your new desire and create the motivation you need.

Smoking or watching porn was supposed to bring a pleasurable feeling (bravery, love, and will-power) but now it has become painful (guilt, shame, anxiety, loss of will-power) and the brain hates pain.

What’s the new pleasure?

Being able to quit when you want to, shows you have power, you have self-worth.

The new motivation is ‘a show of bravery’ a show of power’.

How To Quit Smoking: Change The Meaning Of Not Smoking

So, once you pick up a cigarette or porn, you remind yourself of how it makes you feel worthless because you can’t even exercise your power of bravery. Stop feeling deprived, Not Smoking is bravery, smoking is weakness.

Smoking and not quitting show you are weak. And you don’t do ‘weak’. You are brave. You stop because you want to!

This becomes your new motivation to stop the shit! And you will.

Your brain will help you because it understands the ‘new drive’.

To drive it deeper, practice this line of thought during meditation. Push this new power down your sub-conscious mind during meditation by telling it over and over again, what quitting means now to you.

The cue becomes the cigarette itself. Because it reminds you of how much power you can exercise. Quitting shows you are brave, so the brain will help you stop it and stop it fast.

Remember, Its About Changing Your Belief

A piece of a harmful substance, which gets into your lungs, spoiling your airbags, and creating lung issues is not a worthy friend to stick with. 

You smoke because you b relief the pleasure you derive from smoking is worth the dangers of smoking. When you wake up to the truth, that the friend you have in a cigarette is a foe, you will drop the stick without ever feeling deprived.

This is how to quit smoking.

This is how you quit porn.

This is how you quit anger.

This is how you change your behavior.

Don’t try to stop the routine, change the motivation or belief behind it, and change the behavior. ( this is cognitive-behavioral Therapy).

Dopamine will flow in large quantities to help you achieve your dream (pleasure, reward) only if it understands the dream (pleasure, reward).

When the reward becomes unpleasable, or undesirable, it ceases the release of dopamine.

This is the secret!

How To Quit Smoking: Rehearse Your Action Points.

Why did you start smoking? (Write down the core reason- The answer is usually to feel brave, to feel your self-worth, your will-power).

Why do you want to quit smoking (write down the same core reason?)

Write this core reason(s) on a card and carry it about or paste it on the cigarette ‘I am not a smoker, so I don’t have to quit’.

Quitting shows I have bravery and will-power, a stronger power to do what I want to do, any time I want to do it.

How To Quit Smoking: Step 2-Stop feeling Deprived

how to quit smoking

When you have changed the meaning of smoking, and understand that there is no fun whatsoever, you stop feeling deprived. Once you stop feeling deprived, the urge goes away instantly.

However, one of the triggers for smoking is usually boredom, so, it may be wise to use your spare time on something else. This is how to quit easily without much effort.

not Engaging In The Behavior =More Spare Time,

how to quit smoking

A lot of people want to stop hours spent on Facebook. But what makes them visit Facebook in the first place is ‘idle moment or boredom’, or ‘spared times’ they have during the day. This is their trigger (idle moments).

For me, I replaced visiting Facebook with YouTube. Watching one of my old educational videos or listening to a talk on TEDx was used to consciously replace the visit to Facebook. With time, being on Facebook became boring to me.

When you hear the words ‘Change your environment’. It may not necessarily mean, going away from the environment. What it actually means, is, replace the ‘environment’ (trigger- things that make you repeat the routine with something else more positive ahead of time) Replace your (see-hear and do) routine. Get on YouTube and begin to learn about the brain. Replace your idle moments or boredom with something positive to aid you towards your goal.

Step 3-Refuse to stay discouraged.

You may fall once or twice. When you fall, don’t give up. You may be discouraged, but never stay discouraged. Analyze and use it to strengthen your resolve.

Practice falling and not quitting during your meditation.

Enjoy your transformation.

Envision and enjoy who you will become in the process. Anticipate how pleasurable it will feel to finally be able to do what you said you will do.

Enjoy who you become, as you finally restore the use of your will-power.

Your soul seeks freedom. Freedom is the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

How To Quit Smoking Easily: Step 4 -Practice Meditation

Memorize everything you have just read, read it over and over until you get the key point. The mind cannot practice what it has not understood or remember.

Understanding births practice. And the best way to do this is to develop a meditation practice.

First thing in the morning as you wake up, and last thing before you drop to sleep.

Remember anything that really made you happy and joyful in the past in your life.

Remember 3 things that you are grateful for today (or for that day)

Think and feel the feeling of Joy as you see yourself not able to smoke any cigarette again.

Think about what not smoking means to you (power, courage)

Think about what smoking means to you (cowardice, no will-power, weak, and ill- health)

Think about what to do when you are bored during the day and want to smoke

Think about what to do if you ever fail or repeat the action (mistakenly smoke)

End your meditation with gratitude for who you have become. Bless your day with confidence and love.

Step 5 (extra but very important)-Get A Supplement To Help You Detoxify Your System and Balance Your Hormones.

The right nutrients in the right proportion will help you heal faster.

I will recommend the pure cleanse supplement (you can get it from me by contacting me directly or purchasing it anywhere else online).

I love you. To your success.


When the brain anticipates a pleasurable reward, it releases dopamine (the motivation to help you get it).

When the reward, is no longer pleasurable, it releases dopamine (now cortisol to help you fight or flee) to help you quit or stop the habit.

#To change a habit, you must first change the Meaning or belief Behind Your Actions- Make the pleasure the pain.

Once, you change the meaning of the reward to something unpleasable, or you make quitting (The new pleasurable reward), the brain will release dopamine to help you get it. So, get clear on your reward.

##Use your triggers don’t fight it.

Replace your ‘environment’ by practicing pro-active thinking. Anything that triggers you to go into the auto-routine is helpful in stopping the routine, all you need to do is rehearse what you will do or say when you are triggered. Replace your idle moments or boredom, friends, or even thought of smoking with a new mantra to stop you from repeating the bad habit or help you bounce back when you fall.

###Refuse to stay discouraged, enjoy your transformation journey.

You will fall on one or two occasions, don’t beat up yourself. Analyze the cause of your down-fall, forgive yourself, and move on with your new practice.

#### Rehearse via meditation

Have a meditative practice of thinking ahead and memorizing your actions ahead of time.

#####Buy a detox supplement to help cleanse, and balance your hormones.

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