How To Multitask Effectively- The Blessing of Multitasking Ability.

How To Multitask Effectively- The Blessing of Multitasking Ability.

Feel like there is so much to be done but not enough time to do it all? Interested in learning how to multitask effectively so you can get more stuff done in one day?

Well, in this post I will be sharing 3 key ideas that will help you multitask effectively, so you can benefit from this life changing ability.

My Story

This story will help us understand how to multitask effectively- and hopefully stir you into looking at mastering this ability instead of neglecting or putting it down.

I had to take my mom to the hospital recently because she wasn’t feeling too well.

And within what lasted for like four days, I was able to (while on that visit) start and finish a book while handling other tasks and responsibilities as a writer, mother, and wife.

Here is what I did.

While on cue to make payments, I would be reading. When seeing and speaking with the Doctor, I was fully present.

What stood out for me was, how I effectively utilized my spare (wait) time, gave priority to what was most important, and focused my attention (fully present) on the task at hand.

1. How To Multitask Effectively; Embrace The Idea of Multitasking.

how to multitask effectively-embrace multitasking idea.

If you are keen on learning how to multitask effectively, the first step you must take is to understand the psychology behind it and embrace it.

If you reject the idea of multitasking without learning the skill, you miss the benefit.

I have learned to question my beliefs as well as ‘public opinions’. Just because everyone says it’s bad doesn’t make it completely bad.

In fact, every good cook understands the benefit of multitasking.

Cooking Requires Multitasking alot

If you do not know how to multitask effectively, you will make a slow and poor cook.

I took a food & Nutrition class in college, and we were taught effective multi-tasking in cooking.

Say, for example, you want to make fried rice.

First, you would have to wash and garnish your chicken. While cooking the chicken, you ought to be slicing and dicing the vegetables.

But you cannot be mixing the rice and at the same time dicing the vegetables.

It’s really about effectively prioritizing! Know what comes first, and what can be done in between.

Multitasking Isn’t Bad, You Only Have To Do It Effectively.

2. How To Multitask Effectively; Be Present & Focused on A Task

how to multitask effectively;be present while on a task

Knowing how to multitask effectively can and is a blessing.

The problem, however, is that a lot of people are doing it in ways that do not serve them.

For example, I have made it a habit not to be caught with my phone while eating or while doing homework with the kids. This is a distraction.

Multitasking simply requires that you be fully mindful and present at one job-but maximize your spare time.

While at the Doctor’s office, I wasn’t thinking of my book or kids. I was present.

I think the first step to learning how to multitask effectively, is to first learn how to be fully present while doing a task.

People mistake multitasking for distraction or not being focused.

Multi-tasking- means, many tasks to be done in one day- but starting with the most important, and infusing the less important -but necessary task in-between (in free times).

Multi-tasking doesn’t mean doing two or three things at the same time (because you really can’t).

You can’t be reading a social media post while writing a blog post at the same time. That is distraction.

How To Multitask Effectively- Be Fully Present While on A task.

how to multitask effectively at work

I think the idea of multitasking is to get enough things done in one day. Not to get enough things done at the same time. A clear understanding of these two concepts helps you better understand how to multitask effectively.

Here is a typical day for someone;

Write a blog post, write a sales letter, check emails and reply to them. A book to read. Cook dinner, wash the dishes, do the kid’s homework with them, get to bed early enough.

That is a whole bunch of work for a day.

Let’s Prioritize

Just like cooking fried rice. You already know that boiling the meat would take some time and comes first because you would need it inside the food at some point.

So, you prepare it first.

Take the day’s task above. Which one would be the most important and has a deadline?

Say, the Blog post.

So, straight off you go-writing.

During your break period, you might check your emails while eating (if you must) or while on transit, you could as well check and reply to some emails (since it’s your personal emails).

Of course, you may not be able to begin the sales letter that same day or even finish the blog post but at least you did focus on the task at hand with no distractions. You were fully present.

This is how to multitask effectively!

Being fully present (doing one task at a time) helps you do more in no time. Being distracted (doing too many things at the same time) slows your productivity.

3. How to MultitaskEffectively-Make Wise Use of Spare (wait) Time.

how to multitask effectively

To fully master how to multi-task effectively, become mindful and hold yourself accountable to doing only one task at a time.

Open the email and be on that email page at a time. Until you finish replying to the emails, do not open the sales letter.

But while on transit or not doing anything, pick up the work left off and engage.

How To Multitask Effectively-Conclusion

To learn how to multitask effectively, one has to debunk the myth from the facts.

First, realize that multitasking is possible but not the way we have all thought of it. We thought of multitasking as ‘distraction’.

We think we are multi-tasking when eating and at the same time reading-No, that is mastering distraction. Except it’s really necessary-do not to make it a habit.

Learn to master concentration. The ability to be fully present while working on a task.

This will help you finish well and finish fast.

Thirdly, your spare or wait time is not for ‘fun’. Your fun time is. When you have work to do, go straight to work. Stop trying to juxtapose work and ‘fun’.

By focusing and being fully present on the task at hand, you do more in no time.

I hope, this helps you master effective multitasking so you can do work purposefully.

Love and Peace.

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