This Self-Therapy Course Shows You How To Live Fearlessly

This Self-Therapy Course Shows You How To Live Fearlessly

We all want to learn how to live fearlessly. No one wants to live all their lives in a constant state of fear.

Unfortunately, according to research, more than 45 million American adults live in fear and suffer from one form of anxiety or the other.

“What if I have aids (now covid)”

” It looks like I have a lump inside my breast, could it be breast cancer”?

“What if I leave my Job, start this business and never succeed”

“I have failed severally before, how am I sure, I will ever succeed in this game of life”

If this is your state right now, in this article, you will learn how to live fearlessly in a fear-based world using the basic tools of self-therapy.

Fear of Ailment?

The first step to learning how to live fearlessly is to understand who we are as human beings

The majority of the people think they are ordinary beings with only the physical senses.

Some of us still think that without guns, medicines, and Antibiotics we are doomed.

Well, that belief is for the ‘uneducated and unlearned minds’.

Thankfully, science is catching up with spirituality, as more and more people are becoming aware of the power of their minds and how our beliefs alter or create our realities.

We are One of The Most Empowered Species.

We possess the ability to alter our lives, health, overcome poverty, etc, not only through physical actions but by changing our beliefs.

By switching from ‘Oh, I am gonna die”, to “oh, I can create the change I want, you empower yourself to cause the transformation to begin.

How To Live Fearlessly; Understand The Placebo Effect

Dr. Joe Dispensa, Bruce Lipton, and so many other scientists have carried out numerous research showing us that we can heal our bodies by altering our states.

By that I mean, you can heal your body, without medication, but through happiness, laughter, peacefulness, and complete harmony with who you are.

The law of placebo is the law of belief.

“As A Man thinketh in his heart, so is he”- This is the law of placebo and epigenetics.

The Bruce Lipton’s Law of Epigenetics

Dr. Bruce Lipton is one of the scientists of our time teaching people how to live fearlessly.

Scientists in the 1970s wore off the world with their greatest discoveries in genetics. Whiles the science of genetics shares that our genetics control our fate, Bruce Lipton’s discovery proves that we are not controlled by genes.

He shows us how our environment (belief and behavior) controls our biology.

Here,, defines epigenetics as the belief/science that you can alter your genetics by modifying your beliefs and behavior – not by taking medications.

But of course, we don’t expect the big pharm and business moguls to accept that.

The drugs must be sold to the masses.

Our Genetics & Physicality is Not The Only Deciding Factor, Our beliefs Play A Part.

Rather, The news, Doctors’ diagnoses (what we hear, see, and believe) alter our biologies and decide our fate (can kill or keep you alive).

In his book, the biology of beliefs, Bruce Lipton, shares his stunning Patrich dish discovery.

He brings a stem cell and shares it in several dishes, with different chemicals (environment) and all cells (from the same stem cells) modified into a different cell.

This simple but magnificent discovery proves that our cells alter (change, modifies) based on our environment.

How To Live fearlessly; We Are Not Genetically Doomed

If you come from a mentally unstable family, you can live the whole of your life without experiencing a mental breakdown.

While the whole world and medicine say otherwise, science researchers like Dr. Bruce show us otherwise.

It is possible to alter your health by simply believing in what I am sharing with you right now.

Knowledge empowers. Especially positive knowledge.

Fear-based and negative news/ knowledge kills.

How To Live Fearlessly; People Die Not From Diagnosed Ailments But From The Words of The Doctor.

To live fearlessly, guard your heart (eyes, ears) with all diligence. Sieve what you allow in.

When Tony Robbins’ father In-law took ill.

The illness was a terminal disease. However, Tony Robins, begs the Doctors not to disclose this to his father-in-law.

He took the old man home and began to expose him to positive and empowering beliefs and the environment.

And in a few weeks, Tony Robbin’s father-in-law (who was medically proposed to die), recovered from the ailment. He lived over a decade, before passing on.

This and numerous other stories show that we can alter our biology, by altering our beliefs.

Here is how to live fearlessly from today, belief in your mind’s power.

Shift away from negative news and event.

If you need to join positive and empowering groups that share uplifting beliefs, do so.

You are beyond the physical!

β€œThe moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”

– Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Afraid of The Future? Try The Writing Therapy

Here is how to live fearlessly and conquer your fear of uncertainty using writing therapy.

Take a sheet of paper and write out your fearful thoughts.

What is your biggest fear right now? Write it down.

Now, take a look at it, Flip it.

How would you love the story to be? What if you are worsening your situation by just believing in a negative outcome.

Rewrite it mentally (or with your pen if you want).

Right now I want you to switch your belief; what if the best happens?

How to Live Fearlessly; Change Your State Using The Power of Your Imagination.

We can alter our emotions of fear, by changing our mental beliefs and state.

Some time ago, my Mom fell so ill and then I went to visit her.

After I left her presence, I felt so distressed because of her deteriorated physical state.

Her condition left me fearful and anxious about the worse outcome.

But, soon, I put myself together and remembered I could control my emotional state even if I couldn’t control the outcome completely.

I decided to use the power of my imagination to switch my state.

I closed my eyes and imagined that my mom would be well after she returns from visiting her Brother. (She was meant to go visit her brother to allow a change of environment and access to better medical checkups).

Immediately after I did that, I felt at peace.

Because I understand that my imagination can send out positive signals to her and effect the necessary changes I wish to see.

So, you can deploy this today.

Afraid of Failure (What if I Never Succeed)?

If you have tasted failure severally, then you might be wondering if it is possible to learn how to live fearlessly.

This is because failing (in several ventures) has a way of putting us all in a mental state of continuous fear.

However, the reason you still experience failure is that you are approaching life with fear and uncertainty.

How to End The Fear Loop; “I will Keep Searching Until I Find, The Answer is Somewhere”

You see, it is okay to fail.

Failure means you still have not figured it out and there are a few more things to learn.

Failing doesn’t mean “Stop, You can’t make it”.

Failure means, ” Stop, look around, keep searching until you find what works for you”.

It could be an indication to uncover the actions and behaviors that are inconsistent with getting you the results you seek.

You must always have this at the back of your mind; “I will find it soon or somehow”.

This is the mindset of winners.

Perhaps You could Stop focusing On Winning for Self

What if you focus on figuring out the solution for others or for the fun of winning?

Would it be okay if you took your journey or failure as a challenge (playful challenge)?

How about going on a quest to figure out those problems just for the fun of it. Or to help others live a happier and better life.

But while on the quest, take it easy and casual. trusting in the journey and not the victory.

Do you Believe in A Higher Power Within?

To live fearlessly, it is important that you know and harmonizes with your higher self. That self within you is wiser and capable of leading you on the right path.

Some call it God, others call it a different experience.

Know and understand that the ‘higher self’ within you, is concerned, able, and willing to guide you into producing your truest and grandest results/outcome.

You are not alone. Trust in the process. Have faith in the higher powers with you.

Sometimes, it’s okay to throw your hands up and ask for help.

Let this content inspire peace and patience as you journey to your conquest.

How to Live Fearlessly; Final Thoughts

“Everything is going to be alright”.

This should be your mantra.

Now that you know all you are capable of becoming, pat yourself daily and say (amid doubts); “everything will be fine”.

Remember to throw your hands up sometimes and say; everything will be fine!


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With that said, Peace!

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