How To Feel Better About Yourself-The Secret To Ending Depression

How To Feel Better About Yourself-The Secret To Ending Depression

Wanna know how to feel better about yourself? Do you feel depressed, confused, and tired of your life?

I had like you to sit back, take a deep breath right now and remove yourself from every distraction.

You are about to have a feel-good moment in your life.

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If you are wondering how to feel better about yourself, then, you could learn a thing or two from my experience.

I Have Been Depressed Before

The year was 2017 or so.

The couch became my favorite spot.

The power to get up and go was nowhere within me.

Life felt worthless and painful. I had no job or money to my name and yet I felt and knew I was worth more.

You know when you are worth more (Talented, intelligent, positive-minded, yet nothing was working) as I saw it then.

Identify The Cause of Your Downcastedness

If you are wondering how to feel better about yourself, it is important that you first recognize the source or cause of your downheartedness.

You wonder why you are where you are and how to ever get to a different level of success you desire.

This was the root of my depression. I felt horrible about where I was and wanted more but felt I had no power to get to where I wanted to be.

This state of hopelessness is what leads to depression.

How did I gradually crawl out of my hole without medication?

I Learnt About The Power Within Me

After you must have identified the real reason behind your state of downheartedness, it is now time to figure out how to feel better about yourself using self-knowledge.

I remember the first time I heard Oprah Winfrey’s talk on; My Spiritual Journey & Success”

That video opened me up to my journey of self-discovery.

She talked about the fact that we are Spiritual beings having a physical experience.

And that we don’t have to attain spirituality, we are all already spiritual

She also spoke about conscious kindness, empathy, compassion, etc.

Step Out of Self-Pity To Self-Knowledge

Keen on learning who I was and all the powers within me, I knew it was time to step up in life.

And it did.

I also came across Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Greg Brendon, and Mindvalley’s videos on youtube.

It was like a journey to my world. I heard stuff that I had been hearing before, but couldn’t comprehend.

I guess my Spirit was ripe at that point. It was time for growth.

You have to understand that we are the creators of our realities.

We manifest our beliefs, thoughts, and unconscious desires. So, why not create intentionally.

Action Point 1: How To Feel Better About Yourself

Take a pen and notepad and make a list of why you are feeling down

Write down your thoughts (What do you think) about;

Yourself, Money, Sex, Love, Men, Women, The Universe, God, and your relationship with Others.

What Do You Think About Yourself?

To feel better about yourself, you must have the right self-image.

Research shows that people who have a positive self-image succeed best in life and relationship.

People who think of themselves as kind, compassionate, careful, loving, forgiving, and patient, have positive outlooks on life and often feel better about themselves.

To Feel Better About Yourself, You Must Build These Character Traits

I had to work on these characters because my Joy and happiness depended on them.

At the time I took a self-analysis, it became apparent that I needed a character upgrade.

Being thought of as a person of peace and compassion appealed to me, and I began working on myself.

What Did I Do?

I remember practicing & memorizing how I wanted to respond to people around me when relating with them.

I was keen on learning how to forgive.

To do this, I needed to encode new beliefs about love and peaceful living.

My New Beliefs About Love & Peaceful Co-existence?

This guide on how to feel better about yourself won’t be complete without you learning to encode new beliefs that will help you become a radically different person.

I learned in one of my researches on human behavior, that our beliefs control our behaviors and character.

So, to change a behavior, one must first change his/her beliefs.

That knowledge helped me create easy work plans to change my behaviors in many areas.

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My New Beliefs About Love and Peaceful living:

It took me memorizing these beliefs and new ideas to remember how to act or respond in life’s situations.

The beliefs are;

‘Learn to make room for peoples’ fault, we all have faults, some are yet to start their growth process, so, they are prone to acting out their weaknesses.”

“I would respond with Love & respect, even if the person doesn’t deserve it”

‘I have absolute trust in the universe, so I will wait when things are not working according to plan’ etc.

I came up with lots of beliefs and ideas that were important to the reshaping and remodeling of my character.

The Result?

Mind-blowing. I began to feel better about myself because I was becoming a better me.

So, if you are wondering how to feel better about yourself, I suggest, you begin by working on your character and behavior.

People with a sense and character of compassion, empathy, kindness, respect, and patience often feel great about themselves and life.

How To feel better About Yourself; Monitor Your Thoughts

If you want to learn how to feel better about yourself, then learn to watch your thoughts.

It is easy for us to get on the bad train of life and focus on only to bad situations that beseech us daily.

It took me a conscious effort to condition my brain to recognize when it is slipping into the negative thought loop.

Make a conscious effort to recognize when you slip off into negative thinking, and quickly jack yourself off the track.

Develop A Positive Outlook On Life

We all have been faced with life unhappy and unexpected situations. A lot of people haven’t learned to trust the universe.

What does trusting the universe mean?

Well, it simply means to understand that ‘all things work for your good’.

Bad things can happen to anyone, but those who understand the Universe, know that things don’t always happen to them, it happens for them.

Stop Playing The Victim

Learn to recognize that the Universe is always looking out for you. This is another way to feel better about yourself.

When life happens, cry if you must, scream if you have to, but trust in the favorable hand of the Universe.

I remember trying to finish a project some months ago, and my laptop crashed completely while in the middle of the project.]

I felt like crying, because so much sem against me, but then, I remembered; “All things work for my good”

“All Things Are Possible”

The discussion on how to feel better about yourself won’t be complete without the above statement.

Recently, I was in a complete state of uncertainty. This state led to my being easily distracted and unfocused.

Fortunately, I have learned to pause and listen or pray for guidance.

So, I did ask the universe for help.

And it came in form of peaceful conversation with myself.

All I heard was, “All things are possible”. I had to meditate on those words for days before it finally sank.

We all have the power to become anything we want to be, but you must pursue your desires from a place of peace and faith.

Lack of peace is evidence of self-denial or self-ignorance.

Develop A Game-Plan To Achieve Your Dream

A game plan is a road map you can follow that leads you to where you want to be.

I have a game plan for my financial dreams.

It entitles the person I must become (Things to learn), plus the things I must do (eg business actions) to achieve my goal.

You can start by making a list of what you can do.

You can get a job. Or decide to volunteer those skills or ideas for experience or exchange for some resources to keep you going.

Then from there, you can save up and develop high-paying skills such as blogging, copywriting, Facebook advertising, social media management, etc.

And then, from there you could begin investing in crypto, stocks, or other opportunities.

As much as possible, do not stay idle or wallow n self-pity.

What you have is tangible.

Final Thoughts on How To Feel Better About Yourself

Gratitude practice is very key.

I guess I almost forgot t mention that above.

I learned to be grateful. It is a skill and you can learn it.

Begin by recognizing the things that have brought you Joy to you in the past.

Then, picture the future you desire as though it already happened.

Find moments to consciously do that daily. this has to become a daily practice.

Make it a practice to jack yourself off complaining when life gets tough.

Ask for help from the universe and people.

I wish you all the best.


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