How To Create a New Site in WP (2022)?

How To Create a New Site in WP (2022)?

Learning how to create a new site in wp (WordPress) is very important if you do not want to spend so much outsourcing.

The good thing is, it is very easy to create a new site these days with WordPress and free themes easily accessible.

Simple Outlined on How To Create a New site in wp:

  • First find and register your domain name for free
  • Choose a web hosting service provider
  • Next Install the free WordPress
  • Install a template or Theme (This already designs the site for you)
  • Creating pages in WordPress
  • Customize or mordify the WordPress theme
  • Also Install a few essential wordpress plugins and extensions
  • Now you can add pages and contents

Themes actually makes it easy to create a website in wp without needing to code anything


What you need to create a new site in wp

Here is just a simple process you would follow to create a new site in a few minutes.

  1. A registered domain name
  2. A hosting plan (a server that stores everything on your site)
  3. Your time to set it up

Your First Step; Pick A Domain Name

The first step on how to create a new site in wp (WordPress) is to pick a domain name.

Don’t know what a domain name is?

A means of identifying you or your business on the internet. Users usually would type in a domain name on their browsers (like to visit your website.

It is advisable that you pick a name related to your business. for example if you are into cake making, then try picking a domain name like, cake home dot come,

The reason is that it is browser-friendly and easy to relate to when people looking for cake makers search the internet, your domain stands a chance to pop up if you follow other SEO protocols you may be learning from this post.

Where To Buy Your Dmain Name?

There are many companies that sell domain names online. Here are a few you can go now to check out their prices and the availability of a possible domain name;

  6. Dreamhost
  7. Siteground

The list is endless. However, the writer has used a few of the ones mentioned above.

How To Create A New Site in WP Step 2; Choose A Hosting Plan

The next step on how to create a new site in wp is to get hosting for your site.

Website hosting simply means getting a home (A place) where you store all your files on the internet.

Instead of keeping them on your computer, you pay a hosting company to store them for you.

So, you purchase space in their server (storeroom) to store all you will be doing on your website.

Where To Buy Web Hosting Plan?

Before you choose a hosting service provider, you would want to consider their pricing as well as reliability.

Here is a list of companies offering these hosting services. You can visit any of these sites or companies and purchase your hosting plan.

  6. Dreamhost
  7. Networksolutions
  8. etc

These are just a few of the numerous hosting companies you can use.

As soon as you choose a plan and make your payments, you will be sent a link and a guide on how to complete the hosting process on your site.

this message will be sent to the email you used during your registration. So ensure to check it out and follow the procedure as outlined.

Step 3; Install WordPress

The next step on how to create a new site in wp is to install WordPress on your site.

The hosting company will automatically install WordPress for you or simply give you a step-by-step guide on how to install WordPress.

Some already have the pre-install button on their guide.

So, all you have to do is follow the direction and install WordPress.

Again, it is very easy. It takes a few mouse clicks to do that.

How To Create A New Site In Wp Step4; Install A Theme

A theme gives your website the design you desire. Instead of coding your menu and designing from scratch, themes make it easy for you to easily create a new site in wp in a few seconds.

All you have to do, is customize the theme to your taste.

This site was designed using a simple theme downloaded free on the internet. it is called a ‘refined magazine’ theme.

Because this site is a blog, the theme chosen was a pre-designed blog theme. Just like the news magazine blogs you see on the internet.

Where Do I get A free Premium-Like Theme for My Website or Blog?

The following are free themes you could use on your site.

  1. Refined Magazine
  2. Sydney
  3. Neve
  4. Astra
  5. Spacious
  6. Customizr
  7. (Sports themes) etc

To edit these themes, you would need to go the the ‘appearance’ tab on your WordPress dashboard and begin to edit and customize the site.

Again, a novice can do this without any help. This blog you are on was edited by a complete newbie. She had no previous experience but decided to play around customizing it until she got a look and feel she loved.

Step 5; Install Plugins.

The next step on how to create a new site in wp is plugins.

Plugins are pre-designed applications to help your site work efficiently without you having to code or design them yourself.

We have plugins for security (like wordfence). Search engine optimization plugins (like Yoast SEO).

Also, Plugins for backing up your files and media in case you lose your site (like updraft), for push notification ( one push notification). You can also install page bulders (like elementor, seedpod Thrive).

Also, there are plugins to help boost the speed of your site, and a whole lot more.

you should search for the ones mentioned above and try installing them. Most of the ones mentioned are used for this blog site.

The next step

How To create A new Site In Wp Step6; Pages & Contents!

Hurray!, we are almost there.

Now, you would have to create your pages. On your website dashboard, you would see a tab saying ‘pages”. you click on it and create new pages.

you can also, check on the dashboard to create your categories if you are into blogging.

Again, the WordPress dashboard is very user-friendly so, by spending a few hours on it, you can easily create and finish your site to look as clean and fun as you would want it.

How To Put Content On your Site?

If you are a business owner you should find this guide on how to create a new site in wp was quite fun and easy to follow.

However, designing your site is the first part of the process, putting up great content that is SEO friendly is another.

Again, you can decide to create all the contents yourself, or hire content writers who are good with SEO. With search engine optimization, you can easily begin to generate free traffics to your site without paying to generate it.

If you are looking for pocket-friendly SEO website copy/content writers, you can contact us on this site.

It is one of the services we offer via our sister company. You can reach out to to speak to us about your content needs.

We hope this guide on how to create a new site in wp was helpful, we had like to hear from you in the comment section if you have further questions.

You are free to share this content with someone!

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