How To Be Yourself in Life: 3 Simple Steps

How To Be Yourself in Life: 3 Simple Steps

If you are wondering how to be yourself in life. Do you lack self-confidence and do not know how to stand by what you believe.

In this post, I will walk you through how I moved from a shy and uncomfortable person in life to become my real self in all circumstances of my life.

1. Get To Know Who You Are & Form The Right Beliefs About Yourself

how to be yourself
how to be yourself

The first answer to the question; of how to be yourself is to truly know who you are.

What you know about yourself, forms your beliefs, and your beliefs define and control your emotions and your actions.

What do I mean by knowing who you are?

How To Be Yourself; A Background Story About My Self-Discover Journey.

how to be yourself
how to be yourself

In 2019, I began to suddenly feel the need to draw a little closer to the source. (what we all call God).

I felt uneasy with my life, and something within me felt I should go on a search for the source of all life and get to know who it was.

I felt that by getting to the source and knowing it better, I could unravel a little bit about life and myself.

Being a Christian by faith, I decided to begin by studying the Bible.

That moment I made that decision, the universe began to open its source and mysteries to me.

And one of the things that happened was that I was divinely guided to books, sources, and videos showing me who the Universe was, who we are as human beings and how we are to maximize our potential as human beings.

One of such videos was Oprah Winfrey’s speech below and reading the book Conversation with God by Donald Walsch.

1b. I Formed The Right Beliefs About Myself

We are still answering the question- How to Be Yourself’.

After I got to know who I am, the discovery helped me form the right beliefs about myself.

The Below Became my Solid Beliefs And definition About Myself

how to be yourself
and how to be yourself

My Identity

-That I am a Spiritual being having a physical experience here on earth.

-That I am one with God/Source and have supernatural abilities and powers beyond the physical

My Purpose/How I Choose To Serve

-That my life here is limited and I have the choice to make anything out of it.

-In other words, I had the power to define who I wanted to be, how to Serve, and How to Live.

-So, I choose to help others discover who they are and maximize their potential as human beings

My Behavior/Character

-That my happiness and peace depend on how much I can live through love

-I choose to build a character or a personal brand that reflects love & respect for myself and others

2. Accept & Express Your Beliefs In Both Words & Actions

how to be yourself

The next key step is to learn to accept who you are and express these beliefs in both words and actions.

My journey was and has been an interesting one.

I transformed overnight (Not overnight though).

The knowledge of who I am, helped me form the solid beliefs I listed above.

The beliefs controlled how I felt about myself and my actions.

The result was self-confidence and trust in me. I began to be myself around people because I have settled the inner conflict of finding who I was.

How To Be Yourself; I Began To Live Through Love

how to be yourself

Haven defined me, it became very easy to learn how to be me.

Knowing precedes being

Now that I knew who I was (remember the beliefs I formed after I knew who I was), it became easy to be myself.

I decided to live through love

On my wall in my bedroom, I wrote out how to express myself and be myself because I now knew How I was supposed to live.

What do I write?

“I am Love, I Forgive Easily & Effortlessly, I am Kind, I am Patient, etc’.

I choose daily to live a life of love and to become better at it every single day.

That was how I was designed to BE and knowing who I have helped me become myself or who I was meant to be

3. Consciously Stay True To Yourself

how to be yourself
how to be yourself

The next step on how to be yourself is to learn to stay true/consistent with who you now know you are.

Circumstances, people, and even your inner critic or self-doubt will come knocking at your door.

They will try to redefine you or tell you how to be yourself (or another self)

But, it is your responsibility to remain focused on who you are.

one of the ways to stay true to yourself is to remain focused on who you are,

I do this by daily remembering (during my times of meditation) who I am

Another way to stay true to yourself is to get to know your core values.

how to be yourself
how to be yourself

How do I know my core values you may ask

Recognize immediately how you feel after:

  • Lying to Someone about something you want badly

If you felt bad, it means honesty or loyalty could be one of your core values. Haven recognizes this value and tries to live true to this value at all times.

  • If you feel great after standing up for someone or standing up for what you believe, then integrity and Justice could be a core value

You should pay attention to what you value and live it out consciously and unapologetically.

General Thought on How to Be Yourself Around Others

how to be yourself
how to be yourself

It’s okay to be quiet when you are shy or among people who are new to you.

Feeling shy is a normal reaction or emotion, I have learned to be comfortable with being shy or uncomfortable with people who are not my acquaintance.

I try not to distract myself with my phone and if I do not want to start a conversation with the people around me, I choose to stay quiet.

The most important thing to me is that I remain conscious of my emotions and choose to be comfortable being quiet if that is how I want to express myself at the moment.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to be yourself in life and around others.

Do feel free to leave a comment about it and also share it with others who might need it.


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