Getting Pregnant Made Easy2

Are You Finding It Difficult to Conceive?

If Yes, Then You Are About To Discover…

How You Can Get Pregnant in 6 Weeks or Less Without Paying For Expensive Fertility Treatments or Procedures.

Dear Soon To-Be-Mom,

If you have been struggling to conceive a child, then, it’s very likely that…

You have gone for tests, scans and even paid for expensive treatments yet nothing seems to be working for you.

Maybe your Doctor have even told you one or more of the following;

  • Your Ovaries DO NOT make Eggs,
  • You have POOR OVARIAN RESERVE, or that
  • YOU have Thin Endometrium, endometriosis, OR Fibroid,
  • You have PCOS and or OVARIAN CYST OR

Maybe your Doctor have even told you one or more of the following;

And For years you have waited, cried and prayed… yet no child seems to be coming forth.

If ANY of what I have said so far describes your current situation….

Then, this is going to be the most exciting post you will read today. 

 In the next few minutes, you are going to discover …

The Four Factors That Have Been Stopping Millions Of Nigerian Women From Conceiving, And Exactly What You Need To Do To Overcome It And Conceive In The Next 6 Weeks Or Less Without Giving Any Doctor A Dime!

My name is Joy, I am a mother of two beautiful kids (a Girl & a Boy). 

I am a Holistic health Enthusiast & Behavioral Consultant. 

I Have Researched And Uncovered The Exact Information, Products & Solutions Available To Help Any Women Or Couples Struggling To Conceive Do So, In 6 Weeks Or Less.

But I am not alone on this Journey. I have a medical partner.

My Partner Dr Adeniyi Is  A Gynecologist And Fertility Specialist In Fmc Asaba Delta State Nigeria.

He is renowned for his work and has been helping couples finding it difficult to conceive -carry their bundles of Joy for the past 10 years.

But  Why Am I Sharing All This Information With You?

In the past few years, I began to notice a trend. 

I Would See Couples Who Have Stayed For 7, 8 Or 10 Years Without A Child Suddenly Conceive And Come To Church With Their Babies To Give Testimonies.

At first, I felt unconcerned.

But at a point, 

I began to wonder, why would a couple wait for 5, 7 and even 10 solid years-looking for the fruit of the womb?

I looked at my own life and noticed that when I had my kids, I knew next to nothing about ovulation, fallopian tubes or even about fertility charting.

Let’s say I was just lucky everything worked out fine for me and I conceived my first baby (a girl) and the second baby a boy.

But what about these couples struggling to conceive?

Why are they not lucky?

What could be stopping them from conceiving and carrying their bundle of Joy?

Why would a couple wait and waste 10 precious years searching for the fruit of the womb?

Are there no solutions out there to help them and avoid these irreversible lost years?

These Questions Continued To Pop Up In My Mind. 

But for four years I did nothing.

Then a few months ago, I decided to look into the matter.

Being a core research specialist and one who has practiced holistic health for a long time, it was very easy for me to dig up the information I needed.

First, I went to a popular Nigerian platform where women trying to conceive converge to share ideas and pains about their fertility journey.

Here is a typical question asked in these groups below…..

Now did you read closely these two situations of women struggling to conceive?                             

If you did. 

You would see real issues probably similar to yours.

But the good thing I discovered while digging into these groups and platforms was that…..

90% Of Women In These Groups End Up Getting Real Information From Other Women Who Have Either Had The Same Or Similar Experiences And In No Time, They Eventually Conceive And Share Their Testimonies.

This Happens 90% Of The Time.

This really got me interested.

So, was it possible for a woman to bypass her doctor and…..

eventually get the information she needed to conceive and carry her bundle of joy?


I Began To Take Note Of The Problems As Well As The Solutions Proffered By Fellow Women.